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The program investment is a four figure investment (USD). 
Exact figures will be shared during the discovery call.

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A 3 month one-on-one coaching program for when you’re ready to heed the call, be the REAL you and do the work you came here to do, without the constant hustle, grind and merely surviving. 

For when you desire to live, love and lead in a way that’s soul-aligned, sustainable and liberating.

For when you’ve built an outwardly successful life and career yet on the inside you’re yearning for something else or more, and asking “Is this it?” 

Pivot in our careers

Share our perspective

Speak up on causes we care about

Claim what we want

Spend money, time and energy on what we place value on

Dress and express our real selves

... I could go on

The reason why so many of us feel disconnected, anxious and floundering in the carefully crafted lives we’ve created is because we’re not listening and acting on our inner guidance which is always quietly guiding us back on track (our track), nudging us when it’s time to:

It’s time to do the thing you came here to do in the first place.

Let's go back to who you really are before the world told you who you "should" be. 

You're here for a reason. You’re enough to claim it. 

It’s understandable WHY so many of us don’t listen to our inner guidance... 

Our culture tries to get us to fit into a black and white box from an early age. 

Our culture teaches us to pursue a certain model of success and be good girls and perfect women….a model which isn’t necessarily aligned or true for us.

When we’re taught to follow this model of success and it doesn’t feel right and we’re made wrong for questioning it...we end up holding back, we doubt ourselves, we think twice before we act, speak or do anything….which in turn has us playing small and dimming our light.

We squash down that inner guidance that’s got us in trouble before and we attempt to be that Perfect Woman. Doing ALL the right things for ALL the people.

the reason you're here.

Your Inner Guidance.

Your Truth.

The Real You.

In the Soul Aligned Woman Experience, I’m here to guide you back to you.

The last thing you need though is someone else telling you what to do.

It’s time to stop the crazy making and reclaim your path. 

Our culture wants women folding themselves into the system and making it run...

This is how our culture is built.

Many of us don’t know that this Perfect Woman Imperative is running the show in the background. 

It IS possible to live, love and lead in a way that’s soul-aligned, sustainable, just and liberating. Let’s stop the hustle, grind and merely surviving to make everyone else happy and chasing goals that aren’t even aligned to who you REALLY are.

 Let's get clear about it.

— Julia Clyne

"our sessions have developed into encompassing not only my career but my mission and life’s purpose."

"She goes the extra 10 million miles to help you achieve your goals,break patterns and feel supported."

— Jo

"Her support has been invaluable not just for my work, but for my personal life too."

Actually believe that you’ve got an amazing skill set that you can build a body of work around (either in your career or business) 

Uncover your Ikigai / reason for being / purpose so that you have a clear direction to focus our time and energy towards

Make clear and empowered choices around where to go next in your work, life and relationships

Expand your vision for your life, work and greater contribution to the world and think bigger or more simpler than you have before 

Trust in the magic of your unique path and the lessons you’re here to learn

Set boundaries to work in more sustainable, nourishing and pleasurable ways 

Ride the up and down waves of life with more grace, reverence and surrender so you don’t freak out when one slight things doesn’t go according to plan or your timing

More effortlessly use your voice and share your perspective (at that team meeting, with your partner, your mum etc).

Find people who truly get you and here to support you on your path so that you feel less alone and like you’re the only one going through this change

And so much more...

When you become the woman you came here to be you’re able to:

When you remember who you really are and start to trust and act on your intuition, inner guidance, body wisdom (whatever it is YOU want to call it) that’s when EVERYTHING changes. 

Here’s What I Want You To Know

In our work together we will:

After working with women from all around the world in different industries, life stages and varying challenges, I’ve come to realise that the key reason why they’re not feeling connected, anxious and floundering is because they’re not being their real selves. The answer? To come home to themselves.

The R.E.A.L. Framework makes up the foundation of my work. 

The Foundation of My Work 

Unlearn the beliefs that can keep us playing small and instead own your uniqueness, own your inherent value, strengths and gifts and take up space as the REAL you. Reclaiming yourself is about navigating the “never enough” culture we live in and the imposter syndrome it breeds so that you can remember the natural brilliance that's already within you.


Next: Express

Claim your own lane and what you stand for in your work. Confidently speak up + use your voice to share your perspective, your desires and your feelings in a way that feels right to ALL areas of your life (work, relationships, motherhood, friendships etc).


Next: Align

As you uncover the "real" you, you begin to unlock your own path as a woman, you’ll play with the options (including those that fall outside traditional black and white options) and carve your own path to "success" as YOU define it and in all the roles you play as woman, partner, parent etc.


Next: Live

Embody the real you in your everyday life, devoting to your desires and intuition that is always guiding you back to your unique path. Beyond this though, we’ll explore how you can live, work and love in a way that’s sustainable, nourishing and pleasure-filled because life isn’t ALL about productivity and to-do lists.


Back to start

We explore this through a mind-bodY- HEART-soul approach that unpacks:




Aligned action


Mood + Story


Praise Hands

"Siobhan has given me the confidence to believe in myself as a leader and to feel comfortable in the position that I have within my team and company."

"I started coaching with Siobhan 12 months ago when I began working in a new role that posed several challenges to me as a leader within a role that covered the APAC region. Initially, I had a need for urgent support and guidance in my new position whether it was figuring out how to address a confrontational situation or how to plan for a successful strategy session with my team. Over the year, our sessions have developed into encompassing not only my career but my mission and life’s purpose. The biggest change that I have experienced as a result of our sessions has been the sense of inner strength that has grown within me as well as my ability to trust my gut and intuition. The best part of working with Siobhan is the incredible attention and support she gives within and beyond our sessions – just knowing that I have someone in my corner as I walk this (often challenging) path has made me feel almost infallible and that I can achieve my greatest goals.


Head of Media Sales - Asia Pacific
Dow Jones


"She goes the extra 10 million miles to help you achieve your goals, break patterns and feel supported."

"When I came to Siobhan I was looking for support to navigate a difficult time in my new global role. I had sought support before, however Siobhan is one of the best coaches I have worked with. She’s supportive, kind, smart and strategic. Siobhan is definitely 200% invested in you and your goals and she is a great pleasure to work with.

As a result of working with Siobhan I was able to feel comfortable in my own leadership and make hard decisions that were right for me and my team. If you’re looking to grow your career in a way that isn’t just outwardly successful but meaningful too, Siobhan is the right coach for you.


Global Marketing Director
Financial Services Company


"Her support has been invaluable not just for my work, but for my personal life too."

"6 months into a new role I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right choice to move companies. Things weren’t working, my confidence was at an all time low and that’s when I reached out to Siobhan. At the time I was convinced that I was meant to quit and stay at home with my kids instead. Through our work together I was able to see what the real challenge was around working and being a mum. Siobhan lovingly guided me back to step into my leadership so that I could make an informed decision that felt right by me. Since working with Siobhan my confidence at work has soared and I’ve got a handle on my job. Personally, I’m more clear on my priorities and doing a better job of work life balance."


Head of Marketing - Asia Pacific
Financial Services Company


"Siobhan helped me get my career back on track."

Before working together I was frazzled and overwhelmed trying to manage my workload at an organisation that required me to perform 3 job roles due to downsizing. Despite feeling helpless about my future, Siobhan helped me map out my longer term goals and successfully manage the day to day of my job so that I could finally see the forest for the trees and transition into the right career path for me. Since working together with Siobhan I’ve successfully transitioned into a consultancy role, found the confidence to move countries and am working in a way that best suits my strengths and skills. I can honestly say that I’m now on the right path and excited about my future.


Product Development & Design Manager


The truth is I don’t believe the purpose of your life is to be happy. 

I believe that the purpose of your life is to uncover who you really are and to live as her. Sharing yourself with the world both through your work contributions + the simple act of enjoying the journey along the way aka living a full life.

To live out your purpose, I believe it’s necessary to learn the tools that will allow you to ride the waves of expansion and the inevitable tension it brings…

If you’ve read this far then perhaps like me, you feel that you’re here to experience all that life has to offer and to continually learn, grow and challenge yourself for different experiences and to figure out how to make a contribution to the planet.

If this is your path...and you’re just feeling called to begin this path or perhaps have already begun….then to keep on going in this way requires trust, faith and surrender to the fact that life is working out for you and that you’re enough to handle it. 

Here’s the thing…

Meet Siobhan

I’m an integrative life and career coach and I believe that you’re here for a reason. 

I can help you find it. 

The last thing women need is someone telling them what to do and where to go...goodbye Perfect Woman and her “should’s”....

But you can call me Shiv

I’m Siobhan Barnes.


I’m here to support you in coming back to the REAL you. 

Get clear on your life and career as a whole (because your career is only one piece of the pie). Identify your own version of success beyond your title and salary.


Here’s what you will get in this experience...

Activate your desire to do something more meaningful and purposeful by unlocking the key ingredient: your true self that exists beyond the mind and your corporate persona.


Let go of the beliefs and patterns that keep you feeling stuck and unsure about your career and your purpose (i.e. perfectionism, procrastination, analysis paralysis and the need to control).


Activate the soul aligned woman within by owning your soul gifts and talents that are uniquely yours to share with the world.


Embody the soul aligned woman within and craft a pleasurable strategy for your next career steps.


Test your career strategy as the soul aligned woman that you are.


Magnetise your soul aligned career into reality with pleasure, joy and flow.


During our time together we’ll cover the following key steps:


A 90 day action plan for making your newfound career to actually happen

Confidence in the Soul Aligned Leader that you are

A thorough exploration of your options so that you can make sure you've left no stone unturned

Clarity on what to do next in your career whether that be to stay, pivot or start a business

Confirmation that you're making the right decision for you

What you'll walk away with after this experience....

** All coaching sessions will be held via Zoom (an online video conferencing platform) so that there’s no travel time needed and you can dial in and meet me in your lululemon’s and unbrushed hair in the comfort of your own home.

Unlimited email support in between sessions so that you’re completely supported

Bonus: 2 x 15 minute SOS calls (if you need them) because sometimes you need to know someone’s got your back in those moments)

Bonus: Custom created meditations, audios, and guided processes, worksheets, homework to implement the teachings as required

Bonus: Done for you scripts and field sheets when testing your career idea.

3 months of custom designed coaching support

Two preliminary trainings including:
- Life and Career Audit
- Your Ideal Life

1 x 90 min initial deep dive session** to uncover your embodied goals for the program (aligned to your definition of success). I’ll also teach you a simple moving meditation practice so that you can cultivate the skill of connecting with the soul aligned woman within

5 x 60 minute fortnightly sessions** in addition to the deep dive session above i.e. total of 6 calls

Practically speaking you’ll get:

I believe it’s possible for more women to to live, love and lead in a way that’s soul-aligned, sustainable and liberating. And that when you do, you give others permission to do the same.

You’re here for a reason.

Let's Talk

Make an application and schedule a complimentary call with me to see if it’s the right fit. 


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