If I could tell you one thing it would be this...


You’re here for more than just hustling, grinding and making sure everyone else is taken care of. 

You matter.

You are enough.

You are loveable.

You are inherently worthy.

You are more than your title.

You are more than the hats that you wear.

…..Outwardly successful in their careers but lacking connection to their life and body of work they’ve spent so long building up. 

…..Navigating where they fit into own life beyond the roles they’ve got going on as as bosses, employers, partners, parents, friends, daughters etc. 

…..Facing a crossroads or big decision about where to go next and wrestling with their head and heart to move forward in the “right” direction.
…. Wrestling an inner call to pursue something else or something more, for themselves and the greater collective.

When you’re in this place, it’s time to figure out who you really are and what you’re here to do…

... because you are here for a reason.

I  help women who are:

Getting REAL is the foundation of the work I do:

Unlearn the beliefs that can keep us playing small and instead own your uniqueness, own your inherent value, strengths and gifts and take up space as the REAL you. Reclaiming yourself is about navigating the “never enough” culture we live in and the imposter syndrome it breeds so that you can remember the natural brilliance that's already within you.


Next: Express


Let’s get clear

about why you’re here by getting

Claim your own lane and what you stand for in your work. Confidently speak up + use your voice to share your perspective, your desires and your feelings in a way that feels right to you...in ALL areas of your life (work, relationships, motherhood, friendships etc).


Next: Align

As you uncover the "real" you, you begin to unlock your own path as a woman, you’ll play with the options (including those that fall outside traditional black and white options) and carve your own path to "success" as YOU define it and in all the roles you play as woman, partner, parent etc.


Next: Live

Embody the real you in your everyday life, devoting to your desires and intuition that is always guiding you back to your unique path. Beyond this though, we’ll explore how you can live, work and love in a way that’s sustainable, nourishing and pleasure-filled because life isn’t ALL about productivity and to-do lists.


Back to start

We explore who you really are through a mind-body-HEART-soul approach
that unpacks:




Aligned action


Mood + Story


I want in!

Within our Soul Aligned Woman Community, I teach REALignment workshops to compassionate leaders and seekers who want to find their REAL selves and live, love and lead in ways that are sustainable, just and liberating.

In a Collective

your soul aligned career

This is an intimate group experience designed to support you in getting clear on who you are + what you're here to do. Finally make a soul aligned decision on whether to stay in your existing role or start something else.

In An Intimate group


You + Me: Diving deep to unlock the real you before the world told you who you should be so that you can be the woman you came here to be and do the work that what you came here to do.

One on One

Here’s how we can work together:

If you’d like to connect about an opportunity for us to collaborate, work together or alternatively you’re looking for a guest teacher, speaker, workshop facilitator or podcast guest, please get in touch about how we can partner together HERE.
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