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Soul Aligned


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An intimate 3 month group coaching program.

Unlock your unique talents and interests into a viable,
soul-aligned career direction that truly fulfills you without losing the stability you know and love.

 "is this even the right ladder to climb?"

Are you a professional woman climbing the corporate ladder yet quietly wondering...

like your soul is meant for something else (even if you don't know what that "else" is exactly)

guilty for wanting more...more meaning, more purpose, more living

unfulfilled and on the wrong track (even though on paper you might look like you’ve got it made).

frustrated that you can't do your actual work

exhausted from the hamster wheel of to-do’s

....and so it’s natural to feel: 

But perhaps instead you’re working hard in a career that has you drowning in corporate politics and increasing pressure (hello COVID times)...

Most of us want a career that makes a difference, where you can be who you really are, say what’s really on your mind, and make a meaningful impact with your skills and talents -- beyond merely maximising shareholder profits above all else.

if you landed here I'm guessing you want more meaning

You are not alone


I believe that there’s no one in the world who is exactly like you, who can do what you do, the way you do it.

I want for you to use your soul gifts and let things be simpler so that you can.....

i believe that you're here for a reason


Imagine what it would feel like to reconnect to YOUR chosen path and to explore all your options so that you either:

Fall back in love with your current job + career


Know with full-body-conviction that it's time to leave your current job whist having crystal clarity on what else to do instead. 

I believe that we’re at a turning point in the world right now, where we need to create big systemic change. 

The business-as-usual, profits-over-people, overconsumption-on-demand culture we’ve been living in pre-2020 is being forced into an overhaul (and thank goodness!) 

Now is the time for women to rise and thrive. 

It’s not a coincidence.

That idea
that desire
that calling,
that hunger
that fire
that you feeL....

That’s exactly what Your Soul Aligned Career is designed to help you FIGURE OUT.

The answers to the “how” and “what” start with you. 

Should you double down in your existing career?
Switch industries?
Go for a bigger role?
Start a business?
Become a freelancer?
Or something else?

build out your path in a sustainable way that doesn’t sacrifice your health and wellbeing (or your finances)

decide with full body conviction where you’re going next in your career 

claim your lane 
your path
your contribution

feel rock solid confidence that you're using your gifts + talent (that align with your Zone of Genius)

Now is the time to...

It's that simple.

Package your unique talents and interests into a viable, soul aligned career direction that truly excites and fulfils you without sacrificing the stability you know and love


Re-negotiate your current work situation to honour the value that you bring to the table


It’s time to step out of indecision and make a choice around whether you’re going to:

Step 2: You'll be prompted to schedule a no-obligation conversation with me to explore whether the program is the right fit for you and your desires

Step 1:  Complete an application to be considered for Your Soul Aligned Career 

Take the first step to having the answers you seek

apply now

Step 3: Make a decision. Taking control of your soul aligned career has never been so fun. 

Let's get started.

— Julia Clyne

"our sessions have developed into encompassing not only my career but my mission and life’s purpose."

"She goes the extra 10 million miles to help you achieve your goals,break patterns and feel supported."

— Jo

"Her support has been invaluable not just for my work, but for my personal life too."

perform at an outrageously impossible level doing all the things for all the people. 

diminish our own inner callings, desires and contributions. 

prioritise other people’s needs and desires for our lives in front of our own.

dim, squelch, doubt, morph, shape-shift and bend over backwards into acceptable ways of being.

balance how to show up so that we’re not “too much” or “too little” of anything. 

It’s a thing.
It’s the constriction / corset / box that encourages women to:

The Perfect Woman Imperative:
The Invisible Corset for Modern Women

The truth is there’s nothing wrong with you.  

The reason you’re stuck is because of….

Have you ever wondered why you can’t just make a decision already and do something about your work situation?

This push/pull is exactly what we’re going to work through during the program so that you can finally make a decision on your next step in your Soul Aligned Career path and finally take aligned action towards what it is you DO want.

Cue: indecision, and going around in circles, analysing what you should do next.

The pull of your heart that’s desiring to step into your real radiant self and actualise your potential doing your soul work

The push of the Perfect Woman Imperative that says it’s selfish / too much / unrealistic to honour your ideas, that desire, that calling, that hunger, that fire within you...




When you’re desiring to pursue your Soul Aligned Career it’s going to require rebelling against the Perfect Woman Imperative and reclaiming who you really are and the work you’re here to do…..
It’s natural to feel both:

Is this it?
Is this really the life for me?

It’s no wonder we’re too tired, burned out and too fed up to answer the bigger questions of:

I’m a Soulful Executive Coach. 

I work with professional women, seekers and compassionate changemakers to step into their soul work, without the hustle, grind and merely surviving.

Instead I show you how to tap back into your inherent soul gifts so that you can reclaim your power and energy and effortlessly step into who you really are and what you’re here to do. Doing so in sustainable and pleasure-filled ways — because savouring life is important too.

But you can call me Shiv

I’m Siobhan Barnes.


In our work together we will:

After working with women from all around the world in different industries, life stages and varying challenges, I’ve come to realise that the key reason why they’re not feeling connected, anxious and floundering is because they’re not being their real selves. The answer? To come home to themselves.

The R.E.A.L. Framework makes up the foundation of my work. 

The Foundation of My Work 

Unlearn the beliefs that can keep us playing small and instead own your uniqueness, own your inherent value, strengths and gifts and take up space as the REAL you. Reclaiming yourself is about navigating the “never enough” culture we live in and the imposter syndrome it breeds so that you can remember the natural brilliance that's already within you.


Next: Express

Claim your own lane and what you stand for in your work. Confidently speak up + use your voice to share your perspective, your desires and your feelings in a way that feels right to ALL areas of your life (work, relationships, motherhood, friendships etc).


Next: Align

As you uncover the "real" you, you begin to unlock your own path as a woman, you’ll play with the options (including those that fall outside traditional black and white options) and carve your own path to "success" as YOU define it and in all the roles you play as woman, partner, parent etc.


Next: Live

Embody the real you in your everyday life, devoting to your desires and intuition that is always guiding you back to your unique path. Beyond this though, we’ll explore how you can live, work and love in a way that’s sustainable, nourishing and pleasure-filled because life isn’t ALL about productivity and to-do lists.


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Praise Hands

"Siobhan has given me the confidence to believe in myself as a leader and to feel comfortable in the position that I have within my team and company."

"I started coaching with Siobhan 12 months ago when I began working in a new role that posed several challenges to me as a leader within a role that covered the APAC region. Initially, I had a need for urgent support and guidance in my new position whether it was figuring out how to address a confrontational situation or how to plan for a successful strategy session with my team. Over the year, our sessions have developed into encompassing not only my career but my mission and life’s purpose. The biggest change that I have experienced as a result of our sessions has been the sense of inner strength that has grown within me as well as my ability to trust my gut and intuition. The best part of working with Siobhan is the incredible attention and support she gives within and beyond our sessions – just knowing that I have someone in my corner as I walk this (often challenging) path has made me feel almost infallible and that I can achieve my greatest goals.


Head of Media Sales - Asia Pacific
Dow Jones


"She goes the extra 10 million miles to help you achieve your goals, break patterns and feel supported."

"When I came to Siobhan I was looking for support to navigate a difficult time in my new global role. I had sought support before, however Siobhan is one of the best coaches I have worked with. She’s supportive, kind, smart and strategic. Siobhan is definitely 200% invested in you and your goals and she is a great pleasure to work with.

As a result of working with Siobhan I was able to feel comfortable in my own leadership and make hard decisions that were right for me and my team. If you’re looking to grow your career in a way that isn’t just outwardly successful but meaningful too, Siobhan is the right coach for you.


Global Marketing Director
Financial Services Company


"Her support has been invaluable not just for my work, but for my personal life too."

"6 months into a new role I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right choice to move companies. Things weren’t working, my confidence was at an all time low and that’s when I reached out to Siobhan. At the time I was convinced that I was meant to quit and stay at home with my kids instead. Through our work together I was able to see what the real challenge was around working and being a mum. Siobhan lovingly guided me back to step into my leadership so that I could make an informed decision that felt right by me. Since working with Siobhan my confidence at work has soared and I’ve got a handle on my job. Personally, I’m more clear on my priorities and doing a better job of work life balance."


Head of Marketing - Asia Pacific
Financial Services Company


"Siobhan helped me get my career back on track."

Before working together I was frazzled and overwhelmed trying to manage my workload at an organisation that required me to perform 3 job roles due to downsizing. Despite feeling helpless about my future, Siobhan helped me map out my longer term goals and successfully manage the day to day of my job so that I could finally see the forest for the trees and transition into the right career path for me. Since working together with Siobhan I’ve successfully transitioned into a consultancy role, found the confidence to move countries and am working in a way that best suits my strengths and skills. I can honestly say that I’m now on the right path and excited about my future.


Product Development & Design Manager


Your Career Transition Project



Activating the Soul Aligned Woman Within



Undoing The Should’s



Soul Aligned Career Foundations



Here’s What We’ll Explore During This Program

In this module, we’ll explore what a Soul Aligned Career is and how to step into yours from where you are now. You’ll have a clear sense of what greater meaning and purpose looks and feels like to you and most importantly how it integrates across all areas of your life beyond just your career. 

You’ll also be able to see how you stepping into your Soul Aligned Career matters at this unique time in the world. Understanding how you fit into the collective can very powerfully increase your clarity and motivation about why doing your soul work really matters.

Create Your Soul Aligned Career Map

Building Block 1


The Perfect Woman Imperative tells us that we’re selfish if we want something “more” or something “else” other than this life and career that we’ve created. In this module, we’ll bust the three core myths of the Perfect Woman so that you can activate the REAL you.

It’s time to re-wild and re-ignite your desires so that you can unlock your personal metrics for success — as you define it.

Activate Your Desire For More Meaning + Purpose

Building Block 2


There is no one in the world who can do what you do the way you do it and it’s time to own your inherent uniqueness. You are here for a reason - beyond merely hustling, grinding and merely surviving. 

Monkeys climb trees, fish swim in water, cheetahs are born to run…. you too have a unique terrain and path that’s meant for you. The path? Unlocking your inherent soul gifts, talents and strengths so that you can quit pursuing a path you’re not meant for and instead focus your energy and efforts on your lane.

Own Your Soul Gifts + Claim Your Lane

Building Block 3


When you’re in transition reconsidering your path, decision making is an essential skill. In this module, we’ll explore a head-heart based approach to making soul aligned decisions. So that you can honour both your heart’s desires as well as the practical and logical pieces. 

You’ll be supported to make small and micro decisions from the start of the program, right up until the end so that you can build the muscle and practice of discerning your YES, your NO and taking action on what is right for you.

When you pursue your Soul Aligned Career you’ll be called to make many decisions along the way and this is a lifelong skill that you will draw on well beyond our time together in this journey.

The 4 Essential Keys for Soul Aligned Decision Making

Building Block 4


Naturally when you’re stepping into who you really are and what you’re here to do, the invisible corset of the Perfect Woman Imperative can begin to take hold and try to keep you safe.

Any threat to that status quo, sends a red flag to put a break on taking action. This mechanism (whilst frustrating and sometimes very sneaky) is doing its job -- to stop you from stepping into uncertainty and uncharted territory, which your nervous system assesses as unsafe. 

As women we’ve been taught to run an oppressive Perfect Woman Imperative Operating System that subconsciously has us playing small, doubting our worth, playing safe and keeping our voices lowered….

The Perfect Woman Imperative Operating System includes 3 core challenges. In this module, we’ll explore how to overcome these challenges so that you can step into your Soul Aligned Career and unravel the stop/start pattern of desiring to move forward and holding yourself back.

F*ck Perfect: Unhooking from What Others Think, the Fear of Criticism and Getting it Wrong.

Building Block 5


One of the biggest challenges we face during a transition is the money vs. passion debate. The core question: Can you make money doing what you love?

In this module, we’ll explore your relationship to money, your worth and your value so that you can remember your inherent enough-ness, reclaim your power and open up to receive more.

Unpacking Your Money, Worth and Value Story

Building Block 6


In this module, we explore a powerful tool to consistently access the most aligned, wise and authentic part of yourself: your inner mentor. When you tune into your inner mentor you are inherently plugged into your intuition and personal power so that you can discern the right path for you. Not just for your professional life but for your personal life too. 
We’ll go deeper into how to access your inner mentor on the regular and most importantly activate your new set point so that you can embody her with greater ease and pleasure. Hello greater capacity to take action, calculated risks and step into a life and way of working that you couldn’t even imagine possible!

Connecting To Your Inner Mentor So That You that Can Craft a Pleasurable Soul Aligned Career Project

Building Block 7


As the pieces of Your Soul Aligned Career puzzle come together, we’ll explore a framework for brainstorming your potential options going forward so that you can ensure that you leave no stone unturned as you explore your next steps.

Regardless of whether you desire to stay in the corporate world, start a business, become a freelancer or something else entirely. This framework will honour both your soul yearnings and callings as well as the practical elements required to ensure that you’re honouring both head AND heart.

Honouring Your Callings + Brainstorming Your Potential Options

Building Block 8


Screw the good girl student ways of working and instead step into greater boldness by experimenting with your chosen idea in a 2 week sprint aka your career transition project. In this module, we’ll explore how to unearth the secret element behind your shortlisted ideas so that you feel connected to your shortlisted option for further exploration and testing. 

I’ll guide you through a framework for discerning WHY you want what you want and which elements of your idea are critical to ensure your version of success. So that you can ensure that your idea stays true to your unique path and purpose. 

Together we’ll explore a soulful strategy for mapping out the key objectives for your career transition project so that you can ensure that you get answers to your questions and ultimately decide whether your chosen idea is worth pursuing — or not.

Narrowing Down Your Chosen Idea and Developing + Testing With Soul

Building Block 9


This 2 week sprint is designed to support you in getting clarity on whether your idea matches your desires. During this time you’ll get answers to the questions you have about a particular path so that you have the tangible, real, 3D information you need to make an informed choice on what your chosen Soul Aligned Career looks and feels like, for you.

During your testing week, you’ll be practising the art of magnetism to get the clarity you need. You’ll also have full access to bonus templates, outreach scripts, sample market research questions, and so much more to make this sprint as easy and pleasure-filled as possible.

Magnetic Testing Week 1+2

Building Block 10 + 11


In this module, we’ll celebrate your progress and review your field notes from your career transition project (aka your sprint), all with one goal in mind: What are you going to decide?

Will you invest time, energy and resources into a new chosen career path OR instead double down on your chosen path and make the most out of what you’ve got?

By the end of this process you’ll have a clear sense of who you are, why you’re really here and how to express your unique skills, talents and gifts into the world through your unique Soul Aligned Career path.

Celebrating and Making a Soul Aligned Career Decision On Your Next Steps

Building Block 12


A process to support you in dropping out of your head and the habitual thought loops that are keeping you stuck in analysis paralysis and procrastination

Connection to the REAL you where you can embody the truth that who you are is enough

Greater radiance, aliveness where you feel like yourself again and can say “this is me”

A deeper understanding an connection to your worth, value and contribution as a human being

Move into a state of stress → safety → pleasure + aliveness and the ability to toggl when needs be.

Clarity on what makes you unique: your soul gifts, talents and main intuition channel.

A clear decision on what to do next in your career.

Conviction that you know how to make choices that are aligning you back to the path you’re meant to be on.

Courage to be who you really are, expressing it outwardly and using your voice 

A thorough exploration of your options so that you can make sure you've left no stone unturned before you set your path and course.

Tools for life to support you in your mind-body-heart-soul alignment so that you can continue to step into your Soul Aligned Career beyond our time together in this experience

What you'll walk away with after 3 months...

In the program I’ve included a 14 day career transition project that’s designed to support you in taking aligned action towards your Soul Aligned Career. All with one goal: Getting the answers to the questions you have around that specific path that we will narrow down together during the program.

To help save you time and not have to reinvent the wheel, you get access to my cheat sheets, templates and resources to help you complete the research you need more quickly, easily and effortlessly.

Templates + Tools For Career Transition Project Sprint


Community matters. It can be hard to share fears and vulnerabilities in a massive group. This Facebook group is where we can share our takeaways, insights, aha’s and challenges and learn from each other in a beautiful intimate setting.

Pursuing a Soul Aligned Career can be very isolating. People don’t understand why we’re exploring something else and can be very discouraging. Isolation keeps us stuck in our heads and that’s where our doubt + insecurities go. The FB group is what keeps us connected to other like minded individuals on the same journey and affirms that we’re not alone.

Private FB Group


If you can’t join us live, that’s OK you’ll get access to the call recordings so that you can listen back in your own time.

During Q&A someone may ask something useful and you can take that away and integrate that for yourself.

All Meetings are recorded


You’ll be supported every step of the way through one live Q&A call per week. Come to these live calls to ask your personal questions on each of the building blocks needed to build out your Soul Aligned Career

If you can’t join us live, you can pre-submit your question for me to answer during the live call.

12 Live Q&A Calls


Every week a new video training will be released. You’ll know exactly which building block to work on, and in which sequential order, so that you can use your precious time outside of your already busy schedule, to map out and step into Your Soul Aligned Career.

You can log in and dive into the materials wherever you are — working from home, on your commute, at the office, from football practice.

12 Building Block Video Trainings


the details include...


bonus #2: Soul Blueprint Session

Sometimes it can be challenging to know what our unique Zone of Genius is as it comes so naturally to us.

In this bonus session I’ll use the Akashic Records to research and compile your bespoke Soul Blueprint Report. This is an extensive and thorough 15+ page document that covers the elements of who you are at a soul level.

I don’t usually offer these sessions as a standalone. However these will form an integral basis of our work so that you can truly own your soul gifts and claim your lane.


bonus #1: a 60 minute 1:1 career realignment session with siobhan

Receive personalised and custom support on your path so that you can get the most out of the program FOR YOU.

Together we’ll map out what you personally want to achieve in our 3 months together and what’s needed to ensure that you get the clarity you are looking for. 


you'll also get access to two
juicy bonuses....

juicy bonuses!

It’s time to discover yours and step into your
Soul Aligned Career.

Let’s harness that energy spent on indecision, self doubt, fear of uncertainty, worrying about the unknown financial stability of your chosen path and instead use that energy to do the soul searching, testing out your ideas and making a conscious and informed choice that considers both head and heart.

You’re here for a reason.

If you want to make the most of your time outside of your busy day-to-day and be guided on a proven process to answer the “how” and “what” of what’s next….

Join me in the Soul Aligned Career Experience.  I would love to support you. 

You Matter.

Life will always be busy.

There will always be a to-do list.

There will always be people to take care of. 

I'm a coach that's focused on lasting transformation and bringing back your power so that you can trust you' inherent "enough-ness" and intuition.

I do this using a mind-body-soul modalities spanning  Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy,  the Akashic Records and beyond. 

how are you different to other executive,  life and career coaches out there?

If you feel this is the right fit and you're committed to making a decision on your career, then you will get the most out of this experience. 

Ask your questions, get support, do the work and you'll get the results.

how do I ensure I get the best results out of this experience?

The program will be delivered live over 3 months but the Facebook Group (+ all the recordings/resources) will stay open for 6 months.

You'll be pulling the most important and relevant pieces from the program into your Soul Aligned Career Map which will be your guide and support for life.

how long do I have access to the course for?

The program investment is a four figure investment (USD).

All the details will be supplied when you apply as it's most important to ensure that we are a good fit for each other.

what is the program investment?

The doors are open for the next enrolment which begins in April 2021.

how long are the doors open to join?

Great Q! Honestly trust your gut on this. What is your heart and body showing you?

If you feel like the approach of soul searching, unpacking the Perfect Woman Imperative along with completing a 21 day transition project appeals, then apply for a spot! That's why I speak to everyone who applies.

how do I know if this is the right investment for me?

Common FAQ's

Together we thrive.

Because the journey is so much sweeter and collaborative when we gather together.

We’re going to do all of this together, as ambitious individuals on parallel tracks, and as a community. 

Working in this way, I support you so that you don’t blame yourself for something that’s a collective experience… and more importantly you don’t get stuck, instead you get through it, and you become more of yourself 

(Goodbye: self doubt, imposter syndrome and questioning "Am I really making the right choice?”)

... Because trust me The Perfect Woman Imperative and that cheeky invisible corset is going to try and keep you stuck in indecision and overwhelm.

.... mind-body-heart-soul alignment tools, guidance and coaching to reclaim your inherent soul leadership so that you can get crystal clarity on your next career steps — while also holding space for the inevitable dissonance and internal conflict that rises up when it’s time to make a decision and take action on your soul aligned career. 

in the program i support you with...




Aligned action


Mood + Story


We explore your unique soul aligned career path through a mind-bodY-HEART-soul approach that unpacks:

Let's Talk

Make an application and schedule a complimentary call with me to see if it’s the right fit. 

Feeling it?

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