The Busy Woman’s Roadmap to Career Success without Sacrifice



Join me online for 60 minutes to to reset and refine your career success roadmap. 

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Mitigate the 3 core traps compassionate and sensitive women face when advancing their careers from middle to senior management.

Perform at work without continually over-extending yourself.

Feel valued and important at work without having to be an over-giver, overly “nice” or be a people-pleaser.

Make and communicate decisions that are right and true for you even if they’re hard.

Genuinely stop putting yourself last on the to-do list and show up to that yoga class or dinner date with your friends.

imagine if you were able to....

Join me to take a strategic time out for YOU first.

My day job is solely to coach and mentor women to figure out their most aligned career paths and to offer unbiased support that takes into account all facets (including motherhood, mindset challenges, health issues etc)....all the pieces that play a part in creating the life and career that feels meaningful for you.

When you’re busy working in an organization and climbing the ladder, it can be hard to have the space to do the inner work that’s required to come up with your own decisions so you can walk the path that’s true to you - not the one set out by your line manager or CEO.

I’m an ex corporate commercial and real estate professional turned leadership coach supporting high achieving professional women to step into a purpose-led career.

hi! I'm siobhan (call me shiv)

This isn't a fluffy, feel-good training. I'm going to give you practical steps you can implement into your life + career asap!

You'll leave with action steps.

You know all of those juicy questions you've been ruminating on for ages?
Now is the time to get support!

There will be a Q&A at the end!

I'll start on time and end on time, and will be bringing you practical content the whole way through!

This training is just an hour.

here's what you need to know...

I'm ready to build a meaningful and sustainable career by putting myself first.