For when you’re ready to heed the call and be the REAL you. For when you desire to live, love and lead in a way that’s soul-aligned, sustainable and liberating.

Let’s figure out who you really are + what you came here to do – before the world told you who you

For working women.

For entrepreneurs.

For mothers.

For seekers.

For compassionate achievers.

For A-types who want to serve the world.

I help women

…. Facing a big life decision + asking big questions about their life and work 
…. Feeling disconnected and stressed out in this carefully crafted life that they’ve built.
…. Wrestling an inner call to pursue something else or something more either for themselves and the greater collective.

who are...

When you’re in this place, it’s time to figure out who you really are and what you’re here to do…

Beyond simply hustling, grinding and merely surviving.

Let’s get clear about it.

my story...

My friends call me Shiv, and you can do the same.
I’m a mother, lover, writer and a soulful executive coach. I help women figure out why you’re here, what you’re here to do, and get to work doing it, so that you can live your life in full colour without the hustle, grind and merely surviving.
For 7 years, I’ve been working with women from all across the globe delivering workshops, courses, training programs and 1:1 engagements.
I specialise in working with compassionate working women who desire to do meaningful work and who desire to live, love and lead in ways that are sustainable, soul-aligned and liberating – for themselves yes, but for others too.

That’s pronounced Shiv-On. Which rhymes with Yvonne.

I’m Siobhan Barnes.


I write a lot about the Perfect Woman Imperative because I want us to break apart the black and white conditioning that subconsciously keep us:

• doubting our callings and intuition
• limiting our visions
• hiding our messy imperfections (and who we really are) 
• feeling guilty for wanting more or something else
• stuck in a black and white box of what’s acceptable 

…...and ultimately has us playing small and playing safe.


I teach REALignment workshops to compassionate leaders and seekers who want to find their REAL selves and live, love and lead in ways that are sustainable, just and liberating. Join the Soul Aligned Professional Women community over HERE where all the trainings go down.


This is an intimate group experience designed to support you in getting clear on who you are + what you're here to do, so that you can get to work doing it. Finally make a soul aligned decision on whether to stay in your existing role or start something else. Join the waitlist here.

1:1 coaching

I work with individuals 1:1 to rediscover who they are at soul level, access their own intuition and unlock their unique path and purpose as a woman and in their work too. You can apply for a career alignment call with me here to explore if we're the right fit for each other.

About My Body Of Work

I help seekers, compassionate achievers and sensitive A-types who want to serve the world.
I’ve worked with women (and a handful of men) all across the globe to come back to themselves, their unique purpose, honour their soul callings and utilise their gifts in meaningful ways that matter – to them and to others.

To get started you can check out these free resources.

Uncover Your Soul Archetype 

Soul Aligned Woman Activation Audio

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I believe that the Perfect Woman Imperative is a cultural mandate that perpetuates patriarchy and white supremacy and forces women and gender non-conforming individuals to perform an outrageously impossible role that keeps them doing all the things for all the people, diminishing their own inner callings, desires and contributions and ultimately has women playing small. 

I speak a lot about the “The Perfect Woman Imperative.”

On the writing side...

I have a BSc in Geography with Economics from the London School of Economics and an MSc in Real Estate from Hong Kong University. I get what it’s like to be a “good” student and set out on a reliable path which prioritises intellect over intuition.

During my first internship at university I spent the summer working at a not-for-profit (Community Business) that was and still does advocate for responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia. Sustainable and ethical business, social impact and equality has been a keen interest of mine from the get go.

Get  to  Know Me...

tell me more!

Get  to  Know me...

When I started my professional career, I was promoted from Analyst to Associate Director in 4 years (one of the youngest in the history of the firm), I worked on the biggest and sexiest Hong Kong real estate deals in my mid twenties and sought a new challenge when I left to join an American Investment Bank to manage real estate transactions for South East Asia.

I was definitely an ambitious 20 something with big dreams to climb to the top of the corporate ladder….and know what it’s like to sacrifice your health, relationships and sanity to be outwardly successful and can see how deep the never-enough culture runs in our society.

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Get  to  Know me...

I’ve had two significant spiritual awakenings in my life. 

Awakening #1: During a business trip to India, I woke at 5.30am for a conference call that didn't go well. Long story short: I had my wakeup call moment and finally started questioning my life and how I was showing up (in hindsight this was a blessing).

I ultimately took a sabbatical, became a freelancer, got married, fell pregnant and a few years later transitioned into coaching (you can hear the full story in this blog post about the 3 Signs You’re Having A Spiritual Awakening + What To Do About It). If you’re navigating leaving it all behind to answer the call to something “else” or something “more” that’s not clear or defined…..I feel you!

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Get  to  Know me...

Awakening #2: Whilst away on holiday in Byron Bay, Australia with my Aussie hubby and 2 kids, I’d already pivoted into coaching and running my own business YET found myself re-creating and perpetuating the hustle and grind I was used to in my investment-banking-culture-corporate job.

Pregnant with my 3rd child I realised I had to do things differently (hello surrender!) and with this space I listened to that intuitive calling to dive into the world of spirituality, energy healing and alchemy (more on that here)

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Get  to  Know me...

My role as a mum to 3 kids is a gift, joy and privilege that I count my lucky stars for every day. My kids are my greatest teachers and instigators for going deep into my work. They’re a constant reminder that we come to this planet knowing who we are.

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When guiding a woman come back to herself I use a mix of tools that are soul based (using the Akashic Records), mind based (using Rapid Transformational Therapy) but mostly body based (using Feminine Embodiment Coaching Tools). 

Get  to  Know me...

Whilst I coach with women in my own business, I’m also a Teaching Assistant at the School of Embodied Arts (founded by Jenna Ward) where I facilitate classes and manage the gorgeous community of blossoming Feminine Embodiment Coaches.

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I’m a third culture kid - my father is Irish, my mother is Chinese, and I grew up (and currently live) in Hong Kong.

I’m a feminist and I believe in inclusion, sustainability, love and justice.

Get  to  Know me...

I’m a lifelong student still unpacking my own biases and privilege and trying to understand how the world works for different people, especially folks who fall outside the “norm”…..and in doing so I welcome an open discussion on these topics.

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I’m a Gemini Sun, Virgo Rising and Capricorn Moon.

In Human Design, I’m a Projector with a 3/5 profile.

I’m also an INFJ. Enneagram Type 9.

my lineage...

My teachers, coaches and guides:

Anna Sayce: Akashic Records
Marisa Peer: Rapid Transformational Therapy
Jenna Ward: Feminine Embodiment Coaching
Shonte Jovan Taylor: Neuroscience for Coaches
Coach U: Coaching Essentials
Samantha Nolan Smith: The Visible Woman
Kelly Diels: Femininst Copywriting
Ruth Diggles: Intuitive guidance
Shiva Shakti Dance: Movement Practice
Lauren D Russo: My original coach 
Nisha Moodley: For all things soul leadership
Helen Jacobs: Intuitive guidance
Belinda Davidson: School of the Modern Mystic
Cerries Mooney: Archetypal branding 
Yvette Luciano: Soulpreneurs
Marie Forleo: B-School
Gabrielle Bernstein: Spirit Junkie Masterclass

meaning they don’t necessarily know me nor would they necessarily agree with everything I say or do – or vice versa – but at critical points in my career, their work has influenced me in some way shape or form.

both "known and uknown"

My teachers

Thinkers, writers, speakers whose work has also informed me include...
Daniella LaPorte, Andrea Ranae Johnson, Audre Lorde, Gloria Stenheim, Adrienne Maree Brown, Naomi Wolf, Layla Saad, Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Elizabeth Gilbert to name a few.

* When I refer to “women” I am referring to those who have been socialised as girls and women, cis and trans women, women-identified, femme-presenting, gender non-conforming people, queer positive and non-binary folks.

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