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There’s no one in the world quite like you. You have a unique soul archetype that you’re here to express in the world. Find out what your archetype is so you can build on your strengths, be more of who you really are and do more of what you’re here to do.


How can I work with you?

You can read more about the ways we can work together over HERE. If you’d like to get 1:1 support from me (Siobhan) you can apply for a free career alignment call here. Having a phone conversation is a prerequisite for any 1:1 work as I want to make sure it’s the right fit for both of us.

How do I know if I need support? I don’t want to enquire if it’s just a waste of time.

Love this question! I appreciate your honesty. The truth is, this is ultimately your decision -- and a super personal one at that. If you're feeling called to explore your soul aligned career, book a complimentary career alignment call with me by clicking the button above, we'll take it from there

Are you available for podcast interviews, events or guest blogging?

Yes I am! Please click on the PARTNER WITH SIOBHAN button above with more information about your event or podcast.


* When I refer to “women” I am referring to those who have been socialised as girls and women, cis and trans women, women-identified, femme-presenting, gender non-conforming people, queer positive and non-binary folks.

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