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Living Your Soul Archetype: Interview with Kate Leiper

May 5, 2020

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“Am I ready yet?” “Is it good enough?” “Is now really the time?”


These were the thoughts running through my head before I hit “GO” on the soul archetypes and a new website launch a couple of weeks ago.


Truth be told, I’ve been called to share these Soul Archetypes and relaunch for the longest time.


If I’m honest, from the seed of an idea to completion it’s taken me 2+ years?! 


2 years.


I wish I were kidding.


It never ceases to amaze me how pursuing a calling, soul aligned idea or seemingly random desire can bring up SO much stuff.


That tussle between something feeling right and aligned vs. the mind doubting, worrying, fearing the outcome is REAL.


This tussle keeps so many of us stuck in not doing anything at all and feeling frustrated along the way….


Have you ever had the impulse to do something (seemingly random, risky or out there) but not been able to go ahead? Maybe you’ve stopped yourself in your tracks because of fear, doubt, or simply the uncertainty of the unknown?


Perhaps you’ve:


  • Had the inkling or desire to do something different in your career?
  • Wondered what it would be like to be a freelancer or start your own business?
  • Known for a while that your relationship has to end
  • Hesitated to check out something that’s not feeling quite right in your body


The body and soul speaks to us in so many ways. But we’re so good at pushing that inner voice down.


Since launching the Soul Archetypes I’ve been blown away by the responses to them…..


In the Soul Aligned Professional Women Facebook Group we’ve been exploring each of the 7 soul archetypes more deeply. I’ve received comments like:


  • Every word of this archetype rang true for me. This is me to a T
  • I love this, I’m ready to claim these gifts
  • I’m so interested in exploring this further
  • Even though I’m not this archetype, I resonate with elements of this one
  • The Soul Archetype guide is fabulous – so helpful and thorough
  • Thank you for this training and the guide, so so powerful and so much truth it’s scary, in a good way of course
  • Loved the soul blueprint and it all resonates so deeply


It’s been such a joy and gift to see this work making it’s impact outwardly in the world.  I’m SO grateful to be a custodian of this work. Ironically I’m the Custodian archetype so it truly feels aligned!

Now not every outcome or experience is going to be as golden what I’ve shared…


BUT I believe that when we live from our soul. When we trust our hearts and bodies. And when we take action on the things that are truly aligned. Then we put deposits in the bank of trust to let our minds know that it’s safe to take risks and step into the unknown.


The more we do this, the more this tussle between honouring those things that feel right and vs. the mind doubting, worrying, fearing the outcome, becomes easier to navigate and move through.


I believe that you are here for a reason. I created the Soul Archetypes to support you in coming back to yours.


If you haven’t already done so, you can take the Soul Archetype Quiz to discover yours. Simply click on the icon below to be taken to the free quiz.



Rather than talk you through the value of the Soul Archetypes and convince you on why you should take the quiz. So that you can begin reclaim who you REALLY are. I wanted to share with you an interview that I recently did with my dear friend and colleague Kate Leiper of the Diamond Woman Project.


Kate took the quiz recently and discovered that she’s the Storyteller. 


In the interview she shares her experience of this Soul Archetype in her life and how knowing her archetype is supporting her to claim her voice and what she’s here to share with the world. 


***Spoiler alert: For the mamas out here, she has an incredible body of work with her own archetypes and you can check her out over at her website and on Instagram. Her signature program UnsMothered kicks off May 21st and you definitely want to check it out!***


Let’s dive into the Living Your Soul Archetype: Interview with Kate Leiper

During the interview we talk through:


  • Why soul archetypes?
  • What the Storyteller Soul Archetype is
  • How the Storyteller has been evident in Kate’s life to date
  • How and why she repressed her true Storyteller growing up
  • How she’s reclaimed her Storyteller and how it’s a source of strength for her at this stage of her life and career
  • The power of archetype work in exploring who you really are
  • How Kate works with archetypes in her own work with mama’s
  • What Kate’s message is that she’s here to share
  • And so much more! 


This is definitely one to savour, so grab a cuppa tea, get comfy and dive in!


Kate truly is the archetypal Storyteller and has lots of fabulous resources for you to dive into. Her work is for the mama’s out there and those of you who are being called to explore how they can mother themselves:



Kate has an incredible body of work with her own archetypes and you can check her out over at her website and on Instagram


Before you go, we’d love to hear from you:


What’s your #1 takeaway from the interview with Kate?


Share a comment with us below. 


With love,




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