Secrets Unveiled: 3 Eye-Opening Revelations from Coaching Powerful Women

January 21, 2024

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The other day I was catching up with some girlfriends on all things motherhood, work, partners, health…the works! During our call we were talking about what we wanted to do differently in 2024.


What I realised from that call was that I’m in a unique and lucky position to be able to talk with many incredible women about the same topic. 


From coaching sessions with clients I’ve personally had some really big realisations and takeaways about women, work and leadership that I probably wouldn’t have learnt otherwise. 


I narrowed down the top down the top 3 revelations from coaching powerful women over on the podcast this week. I’m sharing them with you so that you can feel less alone and unpack your best next steps to work through any challenges that keep you feeling stuck. 


In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast I’m sharing 3 of the most surprising revelations that I’ve had from coaching powerful women to provide you with some guidance of where you can begin on your own journey.




In this Episode We Explore:

  • The 3 revelations that I’ve had from coaching powerful women
  • What trait fosters the fastest transformation amongst my clients (Not that it’s ever about pushing or forcing a process. Everyone works at their own pace). 
  • How to take this further by joining a free masterclass I’m running all about the 3 sneaky mistakes high achievers make that accelerates their path to burnout and how you can overcome these mistakes to beat burnout in 2024


3 Sneaky Mistakes High Achievers Make That Accelerates Their Path to Burnout

Get on the front foot in 2024 and avoid the common traps high achievers fall into when it comes to being productive only to get to the point of burnout.


We go live on Tuesday February 6th at 7pm Hong Kong Time. You can check the Time Conversion Here


If you can’t join live you’ll get access to the replay! Make sure you register your seat.


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