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Have you ever secretly dreamed of taking on a new role, switching into a different job, company or industry so that you can take some time off?

We live in a culture where it can seem “lazy” or “bad” to take a break.

But the truth is, rest and time to just be is important.

How To Take a Break From Work Without Self Sabotaging Your Hard Work


The things that hold us back in our life, work and relationships…often live in our shadows.

They’re things we don’t want to admit, let alone see or give space to explore.

Getting unstuck requires vulnerability and intimacy to meet ALL the parts of you…your strengths and talents as well as the aspects of you that aren’t so perfect or polished.

How to Spot The Real Reason You’re Feeling Stuck In Life and Work


I work with women and men who identify as high achievers. Individuals who want to do a lot and who’s work deeply matters to them. But high standards and expectations, they can tend to struggle with burnout, overwhelm, perfectionism and more.

In today’s episode I want to share with you what I wish I knew back when I was in corporate about to say goodbye. Because the real reason you may feel like quitting isn’t what you think. And I’d hate for you to cut short your career prematurely.

The Top 6 Challenges High Achiever’s Face When Advancing Their Careers

Sustainable Productivity + Focus

If you’re feeling stuck in your life and work right now….chances are there are just 3 areas that are holding you back from moving forward.

These 3 areas are what you need to know about to figure out what’s stopping you from making a decision and moving on forward.

The 3 Areas Holding You Back From Getting Unstuck

Untangling From Fear Uncertainty + Doubt

There comes a point in your career or business when you just need to take a break or pause.

For high-achievers this can be a really daunting prospect.

If you’re a high achiever you’re likely hardworking with big goals. You likely have a strong desire to make a meaningful impact with what you do.

The High Achiever’s Guide to Taking An Effective Pause From Prioritising Work

Career Clarity

In the episode we explore how Laurena has paved her own path in her 20 year career in the medical field. Navigating big questions like “Am I on the right path?” and “How can I really help?”

Interview with Dr. Laurena Law: Women’s Health, Menopause + Career Choices

Interview with Dr. Laurena Law Women’s Health, Menopause Career Choices EP22

Career Clarity




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