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I’m back in the studio recording this podcast after a beautiful summer holiday away with my family….

Upon my return I’ve been reflecting on how I want to show up differently and “better” in my life and work…

“Better” being a subjective term which has a personal meaning for this season of my life and work.

With the benefit of taking a pause from the usual daily and weekly routine, naturally I’ve been able to get some perspective on how I had been operating in less than ideal ways and quite honestly self sabotaging myself and making things waaaay harder than necessary.

The 3 Ways High Achiever’s Unintentionally Sabotage Themselves in Life and Work


I recently went down the internet rabbit hole.

For me that involves topics on career, women in leadership, business, money etc) and I stumbled on an article by HBR on Whether An MBA is Really Worth It?

It got me thinking about the number of conversations I’ve had over the years with professional women debating whether to take an MBA to advance their careers.

Usually they speak to me to weigh up the pro’s and con’s…

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need an MBA For a Career Pivot

Intuitive Clarity

Most of us want to earn great money doing work we love.

If you ask anyone if this is possible and how to do it, the answers will vary…

When I was back in Corporate, earning great money but feeling spiritually bankrupt, I wanted a magic pill to tell me what I should do.

Unfortunately after doing this work for 9 years, I know that it doesn’t work like that.

Getting clear on how you can do work you love and get paid for it is a bit like solving a puzzle.

There are core pieces that you need in order to create the puzzle that makes most sense for you.

The 4 Essential Pillars To Doing Work You Love and Getting Paid Well For It


A constant conversation that comes up time and time again in my work is the topic of money.

In my 9 years of coaching I’ve heard women say to me things like:

+ I want to switch careers but I don’t want to walk away from my stable paycheque
+ I want to take a break and focus on being home with my young kids but + I’m not sure if it’s smart to miss out on my career and earning potential this far into my career
+ I just found out my colleague who’s way less qualified and experienced than me is earning more than me. I’m angry but I’m also scared to ask for more.
+ I know I’m charging too little for my work but I’m worried about raising my rates and “losing” clients….

For too long women have been on the back foot when it comes to money, earning and creating “successful” businesses and careers.

Why We Need To Talk About Women, Work and Money


I believe that when you’re deeply connected and trust your unique gifts, talents, skills and desires you can you then build out the most meaningful and soulful success that you’re deeply desiring.

It’s not about starting a business, or climbing the ladder. It’s about getting clear on YOU and executing on a STRATEGY that feels exciting to YOU as you define success.

Which brings me to today’s podcast….where we’ll be exploring how to get clear on your version of soulful success i.e. meaningful work.

And beyond that whether the path there is about energetics or strategy.

If you’re desiring to create a career that lights YOU up from within and allows you to get paid being you, then this episode is for you.

Is The Key To Soulful Success In Your Work About Energetics or Strategy?


When people support me to get unstuck in life, career and business..

I ask them to share how long they’ve been feeling stuck.

For some people its weeks. For others it’s months. Far more often than you think, people have been feeling stuck for YEARS.

Today we’re talking about the hidden costs of procrastinating on your next career move or change and the importance of making a decision so that you don’t stay stuck in the trap of the status quo.

If you need a little inspiration or motivation to address your work and how it’s just not working for you, this one’s for you.

The Hidden Costs of Procrastinating On Your Next Career Move

Intuitive Clarity




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