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If you’re listening to this in November 2022 or months after, it is my intention to help you get clear on how you can map out the right goals for you.

We live in a culture that is hell bent on productivity and sometimes when you stay on that track without stopping to question if you’re working hard towards the right goals, you can wake up wondering “Where did I go wrong?”, “Am I on the right path?”.

In this episode we’re answering the question: How do you get on the right track and get clear on your career trajectory in 2023?

On The Right Track: How To Get Clear On Your Career Trajectory For 2023 and Create Meaningful Momentum Without Burnout

Intuitive Clarity

I am so excited to be coming to you with a refresh, revamp, and reinvention.

Reinvention is really the theme of today’s podcast.

In this episode we’re going to be diving into the 5 signs that it’s your time for a reinvention, and a little backstory on why I decided to revamp the podcast.

5 Signs It’s Time For a Reinvention (+ Why I’m Revamping the Podcast)


Down time and rest. What comes up for you when I say those words?

Are you really good at making sure that you have down time and rest in your schedule?

Or are you like many of my clients? Someone who doesn’t find the time for rest because your schedule is so full and you’ve just got so much to do.
The truth is we live in a world where there is a lot happening. Particularly post Covid, we now have the chance to do a lot of different things. As a result we can find ourselves really, really busy. And if we’re honest, really really overwhelmed at times too.

In today’s episode we’re exploring strategic down time. Why it matters and how to plan for it….especially when you’re busy. And particularly at this time of year as we lead into Christmas and the end of the year when things can get full on.

Strategic Down Time: Why it Matters and How to Plan for it When You’re Busy


It most definitely feels like change is in the air.

But how do you know if you should make a change, or if the grass is greener and actually, you’re better off staying put?

In today’s episode we’re exploring how to pivot and leap in your career without burning your hard work down to the ground

How to Pivot and Leap in your Career Without Burning your Hard Work Down to the Ground

Intuitive Clarity

Do you find yourself pulled into a million different directions?

Do you want to focus on your priorities and your work?

But yet you feel like you have to say yes to other things like children, other peoples’ demands or commitments that you’ve made in the past?

Today we’re exploring the missing piece that’s needed to make an impact at work without sacrificing yourself.

The Missing Piece To Making An Impact At Work Without Sacrificing Yourself


If you’ve found your way here…chances are you’re a high achiever and top performer and someone who wants to do really well in your life and in your work.

And yet you might find that sometimes you feel a little bit stuck.

Perhaps you sabotage your success…you hold don’t say the thing you need to say.

Even though you KNOW you want that next level thing and know what to do…

…..sometimes your body and your heart might not give you the resources to actually do that.

Subtly and subconsciously it will hold you back.

In today’s episode we’re exploring the specific 5 ways that high-achievers keep themselves stuck from going after that next level in both life, career and business.

The 5 Ways High Achiever’s Unintentionally Keep Themselves Stuck in Life + Work





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