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January 28, 2020

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Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been obsessed with answering the question “What’s My Purpose?”


For as long as I can remember I would ask myself questions like:


“What am I doing with my life?” 

“What am I meant to be doing?”

“What am I here for?”


In a nutshell: “What is my life’s purpose?”


These questions have followed into adulthood and underpin all the work that I do today with my clients.



After exploring these questions with myself and working with women for 7 years specifically on these questions, what I’ve come to realise is that your work is not your purpose.



I wish I could give you the exact steps to finding your purpose…


I wish I could tell you that you’ll find your purpose when you land that dream job or start that business. 


Life would be so much easier, right?


But sadly there are no steps and chasing these external “things” aren’t the answer.  


It’s not finding the job career or business idea that’ll make you feel like you’re on the right path. 


The ultimate key to figuring out your “purpose” and “path” is to come back to your true essential self.


— who you truly are, your gifts, your talents, the natural energy that you exude when you walk into the room — and owning that. 



This is the REAL work I do with my clients. The real work isn’t actually about pick a career or deciding what business to pursue (although that does come later)…


What I do is help you come back to you – the REAL you. 


I support you in clearing the conditioning that’s not serving you so that you can step into the Soul Aligned Woman that you inherently are.


When you claim the Soul Aligned Woman within, it changes everything.


Clarity and insight comes through your intuition and your body’s wisdom.


You honour where you’re being guided to explore because that path lights you up from the inside out.


It’s the woman first and then the career. 


Not the career and then the woman. 



Your career or business won’t make you feel fulfilled and “set.”


Connecting to who you really are and being alive in all her glory will


Will you always be happy? No.


Will you always be walking into opportunities? No. 


This is to be expected because we’re constantly stepping in and out of our path so that we can discern and find our way. 


What will happen is that you will feel that you are following a path that’s right and true for you.


You’ll be able to ride the waves of life with more grace, compassion and devotion. 


And that is what I want for you. That’s what I want for ALL of us.


ultimate key to figuring out your purpose and path

The ultimate key to figuring out your purpose and path is to come back to your essential self — who you truly, your gifts, your talents, the natural energy that you exude when you walk into the room — and owning that.


That my friends is totally the key.


Without this component of figuring out who you are at a deeper soul level, I believe that you could try a million different careers and not feel happy. 


Wanna know why? 


Because you’re not showing up as all of you. 



I believe that you are here for a reason. I believe that you are no accident.



I believe that you being here on this planet at this time is no mistake.


The probability of that sperm hitting that egg and YOU being born is rare.


According to Mel Robbins it’s as rare as about one in 400 trillion.


That’s 1 in 400,000,000,000,000.


(I’ll be honest I had to Google a trillion…there are 12 zero’s in a trillion).


I don’t know about you…


But knowing these statistics makes me sit up a little taller and feel more grateful for being here.


Whether you won the parent lottery or not – I believe that something bigger than you or I wanted you here.


And yet as we get older we forget the simple truth that we are all here for a reason.


As we get older, the more we conform, blend in, follow the rules and do what’s “expected.”


Today I want to remind you that you are no accident.


You are here for a reason.


In fact, I believe that we all have TWO main reasons for being here.


Siobhan Barnes

These reasons apply to all of us. But the nuances of “how” this is expressed is different for each individual on the planet. 


Let’s dive into the 2 reasons we’re all here. Use this as a starting point so that you can begin your journey to figure out your unique path…


Reason #1. Expressing our personality, gifts, talents and strengths


Often times we associate this solely in our careers and chosen professions.


This makes sense because for many of us (for a significant time in our lives) this is where we have dedicated a significant amount of our energy.  


It can be a beautiful thing when your career, callings and work are aligned to your personality, gifts, talents and strengths and we can get paid to do the work we love. 


But we often underestimate that we can also express ourselves in how we parent, lead, love and show up as a human being in our families, relationships and communities.


We may not be paid in the latter – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable (I’m speaking to you: mamas, papas and volunteers!!)


Reason #2. Enjoying life and it’s sweet pleasures


Life isn’t all about work, achieving, doing, money and making things happen. 


Yes these are important.


But equally important is remembering to savour the journey and be grateful for all that we have:


  • Health*: the fact that we have legs and arms that allow us to walk, run, jump and dance, the fact that we have eyes to see with, a voice to speak with, ears to hear with, taste buds to savour the taste of chocolate, a sense of smell to enjoy that morning latte
  • Connection: people in our lives that care and love us (even if it’s 1 person or a small handful)
  • Resources: money in the bank (however little or big)
  • Opportunities: through the advances of the internet and google we can find any information we need


* The health benefits of connecting to a greater sense of purpose are clear as documented by the NHS and Psychology Today


I could go on…but my point is that there is so much to savour and be grateful for. And when we show up to life from this place, that’s when the ideas and synchronicities open up and have the space to play out…



Whilst we are all here for these two reasons, we all have a different path to achieving this for ourselves.


I also want to acknowledge that for some souls there will be more obstacles and challenges based on race, sexual orientation, gender, social-economic and political circumstances. This is unfair and we all have a part to play in unpacking how we contribute to the systemic oppression that exists in our world….but that’s a topic for another blog post.


So where does that leave you and I in navigating our personal path?


I believe that your reason for being here will be different from mine, your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues – and unfortunately there is no rule book or guidebook to finding your reason. Other than tuning inwards….


Siobhan Barnes - Hong Kong Life Coach Career Coach - Nature Image3

The only way to find your purpose and path is to tune into your body’s wisdom, your heart, your intuition.


Which goes hand in hand with re-wilding, braving the unknown and dancing with uncertainty. Things that the rational mind will naturally rebel against!!


THAT is the practice and that is the journey and that is the devotion. 


Before you go, I want to hear from you:


+ What are you taking away from today’s blog?


Leave a comment for me below. 


Remember…there is no one in the world who can do what you do the way you do it. 


Your purpose is to be all of yourself and to express that with heart and with soul.


If you haven’t already joined, please come and join me in the Soul Aligned Professional Women Facebook Group. We’ll be diving deeper into:


How to use these times to align back to your true path and purpose.


I can’t wait to go deeper with you on this topic over in the group.


Sending so much love! 


With love,



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