A Step By Step Guide to Planning Your 2023 for More Meaning + Less Burnout

December 11, 2022

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Today we’re diving into a step by step guide to planning your 2023 for more meaning and less burnout.


This is the last episode of The Aligned Achiever for 2022 and I wanted to make sure that you had something to work with as you go into the holiday period.


In this episode I’m guiding you through an A to Z of how you can break down your 2023 planning into tangible projects and goals, and how to make sure that you’re doing the things that matter and not burning yourself out.





In this Episode We Explore:

  • Why it’s important to have a plan
  • What’s different about my “aligned” approach to planning
  • How you can go from the big picture to the little steps
  • What it looks like practically to plan out your 2023

Resources Mentioned:


December Opportunity:



Since running the 2023 Reinvention Workshop back in November, I’ve been hearing of the challenges that are coming up for many of you in actually creating the changes needed to execute on your most aligned goals next year.



Many of these come down to the beliefs and thoughts you have around why you can or can’t have what you want….


Which is why I’ve decided to offer one off Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions just for the month of December. 



These are an opportunity for us to look at a specific challenge or belief that is stopping you from going after your most aligned goals in life and work. Together we’ll do the important some subconscious repatterning work to upgrade your operating system. 



I usually reserve this work for my long term clients but I can really see the value in offering these powerful sessions as a one off to support you in upgrading your beliefs before the new year. 



These sessions are only available until Friday 16th December and they will book out fast. 



If you want to claim one of the limited spots you can read more and book in below:



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