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The Antidote to Sabotaging Your Career Dreams + Ideas

September 7, 2021

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There’s nothing like publicly announcing that you’re going to do something to keep you accountable. 


Last week, I mentioned that I’m going to launch a podcast.


Since then I’ve been working behind the scenes to get things organised and ready. Including looking at your feedback on what topics you most want to hear about as it relates to career, purpose and womanhood 😍


Side note: If you shared your feedback, a HUGE thank you. I’m so so grateful! If you haven’t, I’d really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to share your thoughts OVER HERE. Your feedback is 100% anonymous so share away!

As I’ve been sitting down and putting voice to microphone…I’ve realised that the fear I had around putting this podcast out there (and the fear of the tech involved) vs. the actual work required – is completely different. 


Yes it’s tricky, I’m cringing at my own voice, I’m learning about tech which ain’t my strong suit. 

But it feels good. 


A good hard. 


Activating and exciting. 


So often we get an intuitive nudge for a creative project, to pursue an idea for a side hustle, or to change something up. 


And our minds come in to shut it down and put it into the…


Too hard and too risky, basket. 


Sometimes that may be true. Sometimes it isn’t. 


So what do you do if you have a desire for something (in my case the podcast) but are facing resistance, fear and doubt that’s stopping you from taking any action? 


That’s what we’re talking about today.


Grab a cup of tea for this workshop style post, where we’ll be exploring a simple 5 step antidote to pressing the brakes on your career dreams and ideas so that you can finally take action on those inspirational nudges. 

The antidote to sabotaging your career dreams and ideas


There are 2 things that can stop us from pursuing our career dreams and ideas…




Sometimes fear is obvious…and says things like:

  • What if you fail?
  • What if this actually works, then what?
  • You’re too [old / inexperienced / naive etc] 


Sometimes fear is more covert and looks like:


  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Analysis Paralysis
  • Overcomplicating things


Uncertainty is something that our minds don’t like. 


Our mind wants to keep us safe. To stay within the confines of the known world. 


Which by very virtue keeps us from actioning those ideas and projects that we’ve never done before. 


So what do we do?


How do we stop sabotaging ourselves?


It all begins with naming what’s going on to tame it. 


Let’s break it down with an example in your own life. 

Step #1: What idea or dream are you toying with? What holding pattern do you find yourself in?


Going back to my example, of the podcast. This has been on my radar for ages. 

If I’m honest, it first tapped me on the shoulder about 2 years ago. Yes TWO years ago. 


Every year I would make a list of projects and “podcast” was always there. But did I do anything with it? Nope. I’d just keep putting it off in the “later” basket.


How about you?


What’s the creative project or desire you’ve had on your mind for a while now? What’s the holding pattern you’ve got going on around it?


Step #2: Is it REALLY a priority right now?


Sometimes we just don’t have the bandwidth or capacity to prioritise everything…maybe that project or desire is a priority, maybe it isn’t. 


Being able to make a decision can be SO empowering. 


Rather than ruminate on the project or desire…maybe you can set a date to pick it up after XX months or after another project is finished or when the kids are back in school etc. 


Only you can decide on whether something is a priority – or NOT. 


Step #3: What’s it costing you NOT to take action on your creative project or desire?


For me it was costing me self-trust. 


I had said I wanted to start a podcast and yet here I was, month after month, year after year, not taking action. 


Every time the idea of the “podcast” would randomly come into my head (you know how that happens!) or I would revisit my projects list, I would feel that little twinge of annoyance and disappointment in myself. 


One day I got so fed up that it got to the point where I said, “Enough is enough. I want to get this project off the ground and be done with it once and for all!” Which brings me onto step #4.


Step #4: What fear or unknown are you worried about?


When I committed to the podcast, all the fears came up. 


And I listened to them.


What’s it for you? Write them all down. Put them on a piece of paper. What is it you’re worried about? 


Once you’ve got them all out on paper and named them. You can ask yourself the final question… 

Step #5: Are the fears and unknown worth the cost of not taking action on your creative project/desire? 


You can phrase the question in relation to your specific situation. 


For me that question looked like…


“Do I want to self abandon this desire to start a podcast because I’m worried it won’t be as impactful, clear and succinct as I desire in my mind (hello perfectionism)?”


Put another way…


Is it really worth putting off my desire for this podcast because I’m worried about what people will think and how it’s received? 


Once I saw the question framed in this way, my answer was a “hello no.”


Deep down I know that I’ll get better the more I do it and the creative challenge of putting together something wonderful excites me! 


For some the answer will be that the fear and uncertainty is real and you’re going to stop with that creative idea or project. In which case – yay. You’ve got clarity. Permission to move on! 


For others, the answer will be..I’ve got to do this creative idea or project. In which case – yay! You’ve got clarity. Now it’s time to do the thing! 


How will you know?


You will know in your bones and your body will tell you what your answer is.


Now over to you…


What’s it going to be?


Is the fear and uncertainty real? Or is it just a safety mechanism and you’re going to follow that creative urge, inkling or desire and just do the dang thing? 


I would love to know! 


Before you go:


Leave a comment and let me know what is the fear or uncertainty that’s sabotaging your creative project or desire? 


I’d love to know. 


Remember there’s no one in the world who can do what you do, the way you do it. 


With love,




P.S.  Could I please ask a favour?


Could you please spare a few minutes to share with me your biggest challenges and desires around doing work you love, living life fully, navigating transitions? Basically all the things around womanhood, career and life? This will help me with the podcast and actually get the clarity on what you most need support with! You can share more OVER HERE. Thank you sooo much! 

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