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If you’re feeling stuck in your life and work right now….chances are there are just 3 areas that are holding you back from moving forward.

These 3 areas are what you need to know about to figure out what’s stopping you from making a decision and moving on forward.

The 3 Areas Holding You Back From Getting Unstuck

Untangling From Fear Uncertainty + Doubt

In this episode we’re diving into why you need to get real and honest about how you truly feel and deeply own your resentment rather than focusing on gratitude for a hot minute…so that you can stop shaming yourself and give yourself a chance to be human and find your way through life and work.

Let’s dive in!

Why You Need To Own Your Resentment + Stop Focusing on Gratitude

Why You Need To Own Your Resentment + Stop Focusing on Gratitude

Untangling From Fear Uncertainty + Doubt

When I was working in Corporate, it took me a long time to even entertain the idea that I had options. Let alone that I could leave and do something else.

I was adamant that I didn’t have an option or a choice. And that I HAD to stay and somehow make it work.

The truth is I had the great privilege of actually having a choice. And that really is a privilege.

There was immense guilt and shame wrapped up around having the option to leave a fabulous company and role, with awesome opportunities for career progression….

Even though I had savings in the bank and could “afford” to take time out to reassess, I couldn’t even see alternative options for my career because I was so fixated on needing money and that steady paycheque.

Back then, meaning and money were at odds with each other. I had to choose one.

Option A: I could make a lot of money – but the work wouldn’t be meaningful. Plus I had to work really hard.


Option B: I could choose to focus on meaning – but not make a lot of money.

In any case, I had to make a choice.

These days I believe that you can have meaning and money in your career – with a few caveats.

Listen in and grab the show notes over at:

Meaning + Money: Can You Have Both In a Career?

Meaning + Money: Can You Have Both In a Career?

Finding Clarity

In this episode we explore:

What really stops us from doing work we love (hint it’s not what you think)
The 3 pillars of sabotage to be mindful of
How to identify what’s personally holding you back
How to begin to tune into a different way

The #1 Killer To Doing Work You Really Love

The #1 Killer To Doing Work You Really Love

Untangling From Fear Uncertainty + Doubt

I thought that taking time off would set me back, turns out I was wrong. Here are 3 unexpected lessons I learned taking an extended break.

The Antidote to Sabotaging Your Career Dreams + Ideas

Untangling From Fear Uncertainty + Doubt

The best place to start isn’t changing companies, industries or jumping into a business…   Looking outside of yourself to a different “thing” to complete you will only set you up to fail.    Please trust me on this.    I’m not saying that you shouldn’t make decisions and take action.    What I am […]

The Perfect Woman Imperative: Coffee Chat With Laurena Law on The Wellness Doctors Podcast

Untangling From Fear Uncertainty + Doubt




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