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Down time and rest. What comes up for you when I say those words?

Are you really good at making sure that you have down time and rest in your schedule?

Or are you like many of my clients? Someone who doesn’t find the time for rest because your schedule is so full and you’ve just got so much to do.
The truth is we live in a world where there is a lot happening. Particularly post Covid, we now have the chance to do a lot of different things. As a result we can find ourselves really, really busy. And if we’re honest, really really overwhelmed at times too.

In today’s episode we’re exploring strategic down time. Why it matters and how to plan for it….especially when you’re busy. And particularly at this time of year as we lead into Christmas and the end of the year when things can get full on.

Strategic Down Time: Why it Matters and How to Plan for it When You’re Busy


One of the biggest challenges I continue to bump up against, right alongside my clients is:

How do I balance my work with my desire to be present with my family?

Personally…my family is entering a new season and chapter.

Our eldest child just entered secondary school this academic year. And with that we’re all navigating new priorities, new ways of being present. I’m feeling into a different chapter for my child and also myself in work…..

Balancing Kids + Work: Why There’s No Such Thing As Perfect

Picture of mother and daughter


The things that hold us back in our life, work and relationships…often live in our shadows.

They’re things we don’t want to admit, let alone see or give space to explore.

Getting unstuck requires vulnerability and intimacy to meet ALL the parts of you…your strengths and talents as well as the aspects of you that aren’t so perfect or polished.

How to Do A Mid Year Review to Create A Life, Career and Business You Actually Love


Have you ever secretly dreamed of taking on a new role, switching into a different job, company or industry so that you can take some time off?

We live in a culture where it can seem “lazy” or “bad” to take a break.

But the truth is, rest and time to just be is important.

How To Take a Break From Work Without Self Sabotaging Your Hard Work





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