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How to Navigate a Midlife Crisis

October 17, 2021

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We’ve all heard the term “mid life crisis.” Some define it as a transition of identity and self confidence that occurs in middle aged individuals. Or a conflict between a person’s perception of themselves and their lives as they think they are and what they want them to be.

Now more than ever, given recent times, more of us are questioning our lives, we’re exploring really what matters and questioning how we’re showing up. 

I believe this is a good thing!

In this episode we explore how to navigate a mid life crisis as a means to grow and come home to the REAL you.


In this Episode We Explore

During the Podcast I Mention:


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  • The 3 common mistakes high achieving smart women make when approaching a career pivot and how to avoid them.


  • Why holidays, a new haircut, a new job are temporary fixes and what to focus on instead to feel more aliveness and joy.
  • The universal alignment keys that you absolutely need to have in place to feel full body conviction and clarity on what your next career step is (and no they’re not what you think)


  • Plus so much more


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