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Meaning + Money: Can You Have Both In a Career?

October 10, 2021

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When I was working in Corporate, it took me a long time to even entertain the idea that I had options. Let alone that I could leave and do something else.


I was adamant that I didn’t have an option or a choice. And that I HAD to stay and somehow make it work. 


The truth is I had the great privilege of actually having a choice. And that really is a privilege.


There was immense guilt and shame wrapped up around having the option to leave a fabulous company and role, with awesome opportunities for career progression….


Even though I had savings in the bank and could “afford” to take time out to reassess, I couldn’t even see alternative options for my career because I was so fixated on needing money and that steady paycheque. 


Back then, meaning and money were at odds with each other. I had to choose one.


Option A: I could make a lot of money – but the work wouldn’t be meaningful. Plus I had to work really hard.




Option B: I could choose to focus on meaning – but not make a lot of money.


In any case, I had to make a choice.


These days I believe that you can have meaning and money in your career – with a few caveats. 



In this Episode We Explore:


  • The Big Question: “Can you have both money and meaning in your career?”
  • How money isn’t evil and that we all have a relationship to it (which can always change for the better)
  • Why meaning matters and how we can begin to understand what has meaning to us by looking at the 6 core human needs
  • Exploring meaning in the context of life, seasons and the cycles and the long game
  • And finally the personal choice as to whether you believe you can have meaning and money. It all comes down to you! 


During the Podcast I Mention:


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  • Why holidays, a new haircut, a new job are temporary fixes and what to focus on instead to feel more aliveness and joy.
  • The universal alignment keys that you absolutely need to have in place to feel full body conviction and clarity on what your next career step is (and no they’re not what you think)
  • Plus so much more

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