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The Shadow Side of Self Development

October 24, 2021

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Whenever I go into a bookstore, I’m immediately drawn to the self development section….

I’m absolutely fascinated with anything to do with understanding humans.

Whilst self development is a great thing (I mean who doesn’t want to unlock their potential and enjoy life more fully?)…..Like with anything, there is a shadow side…

In this episode we explore the shadow side of self development and how to know if you’re getting caught in the shadows of perpetual thought loops and feeling like you’re
“not enough” or “there yet.”


In this Episode We Explore

  • The 3 shadow sides of self development
  • The 3 guiding questions to ask yourself before you sign up for or take another self development course


  • Going deeper with the workshop: Your path to a SAC without quitting your 9-5 or risking your financial security
  • A new 6 week program I’m running called Reclaim & Rebirth….This program is an opportunity to reclaim and awaken who you really are to make decisions on your life and journey. This is an intimate experience that explores all of you across not just your mind but also your heart and emotions, your soul and energy as well as your physical body too. Doors are closing super soon so if you’re curious, you can learn more by registering for the recent workshop and getting all the details.

During the Podcast I Mention:

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The workshop mentioned during the podcast is no longer available.

If you’d like to explore your path to a soul aligned career without quitting your 9-5 or risking your financial security, book in for a complimentary career alignment call with me over at:

During the call we’ll discuss:

+ Where you are and what’s not working

+ What you desire and want instead

+ The steps required to your Soul Aligned Career path

+ Your next steps

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