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Interview with Dr. Laurena Law: Women’s Health, Menopause + Career Choices

March 13, 2022

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Many of us have moments when we question our career and life choices….and wonder if the path we’ve chosen is really right and true anymore.


It’s 100% normal to feel disillusioned with company politics, dogma and the “way things are.”


Which makes you wonder….


At what point is it worth giving up and doing something else?


In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Dr. Laurena Law who is a functional medicine doctor with training in Nutritional Medicine, Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine and a passion for women’s health and well-being.


In the episode we explore how Laurena has paved her own path in her 20 year career in the medical field. Navigating big questions like “Am I on the right path?” and “How can I really help?”


Laurena also shares her wisdom about women’s health, hormones and menopause. She shares what women need to know about menopause and what to think about even if it’s in the far distant future from where you are….


Our health and careers are inextricably linked.


Understanding your body’s physiology and energy is the starting ground that you need to have in place before you can figure out the bigger questions of am I in the right career and the right path for me.





In this Episode We Explore


  • Why Laurena chose to study medicine and whey she’s still in medicine 20 years later
  • How she discovered her passion for more holistic medicine and specifically women’s health, hormones and menopause
  • How she navigates decisions in her career and her advice for others who are navigating transitions?
  • What happens in a woman’s body after 35 and what we don’t get told about menopause
  • How women can get started to be more knowledgeable and empowered around their own health, hormones and wellbeing
  • Upcoming workshops that Laurena will be running which you can check out over on her Instagram or Facebook Page.


You can check out Laurena’s own podcast, Ananta Well-Being, which she hosts with fellow doctor, Dr Vaness Wong.


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