The 4 Mindset Challenges That Keep Smart Professional Women Playing Small

June 11, 2023

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The 4 Mindset Challenges That Keep Smart Professional Women Playing Small


What we believe to be true actualises and eventuates.


Having worked with women from all over the world as a coach and mentor, I have come across 4 key mindset challenges that come up time and time again with the women I work with.


These mindset challenges stop them from taking the next step, asking for the pay raise or promotion, and taking up space.


If you feel like you could be playing a bigger game in your career, whether that’s going for more in your career or refocusing on the goals that really matter to you and if you want to move forward with momentum, then this podcast episode is for you.


In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast I’m talking about the 4 mindset challenges that I’ve seen keep women playing small regardless of how experienced they are and the subconscious work you can do to overcome your mindset challenges and become the Untamed CEO of your own life.





In this Episode We Explore:

  • The 4 mindset challenges at play that keep women playing small
  • The societal factors that mean these challenges disproportionately affect women
  • How you can overcome these challenges


Aligned Mindset Intensive


If you need support with your specific brand of mindset challenges, my calendar is open for Aligned Mindset Intensives.


Imagine moving past the stress and mindset challenges that keep you playing small and questioning your ability to build a life and career that supports you and your goals.


Together we’ll:

  • Hone in on the saboteur that is personally keeping you in the never ending cycle of striving without really living
  • Upgrade and install a new operating system from a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level so you can start living and leading as the real you
  • Integrate embodiment practices into your life so you can take the realisations and insights into your body and deep embodied wisdom


If you want a rapid 1:1 intensive online experience for upgrading your inherent operating system to become the Untamed CEO so that you can stop relentless striving and start living and leading as the real you in your life and career, this is for you.

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