Perception vs Reality: What Does a ‘Successful’ Career Really Look Like?

June 18, 2023

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Perception vs Reality: What Does a ‘Successful’ Career Really Look Like?


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘success’?


Success is a word that holds so much power in society.


Perhaps you associate it with achievement, job status, a luxurious lifestyle, an overflowing bank account, living in a specific location, having your own business, the list is endless.


Have you thought about what “success” really means to you? 


When we think of success it’s easy to find ourselves constantly comparing our journey to others, measuring our worth on superficial indicators, but is that the true meaning of success?


In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast we’re peeling back the layers and exploring the reality of what success is beyond the superficial perceptions. I’m taking a look at 6 myths of success and the differences between the perception and reality of having a successful career.





In this Episode We Explore:

  • The perception and reality of success
  • The networks that can help you succeed
  • 6 myths of success and what highly successful people are really doing
  • The 2 things it takes to have a successful career


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Together we’ll:

  • Hone in on the saboteur that is personally keeping you in the never ending cycle of striving without really living
  • Upgrade and install a new operating system from a mental, emotional, physical and energetic level so you can start living and leading as the real you
  • Integrate embodiment practices into your life so you can take the realisations and insights into your body and deep embodied wisdom


If you want a rapid 1:1 intensive online experience for upgrading your inherent operating system to become the Untamed CEO so that you can stop relentless striving and start living and leading as the real you in your life and career, this is for you.

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