The Missing Ingredient When It Comes to Managing Stress and Overwhelm

August 13, 2023

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Ep 74. The Missing Ingredient When It Comes to Managing Stress and Overwhelm


People feel overwhelmed all the time.


We live in a busy, fast-paced environment. That’s just what the modern world is.


Being able to regulate our nervous system to support ourselves through stressful moments and life periods is an essential part of managing overwhelm and the burnout that can follow.


Both our mind and body play integral roles in navigating the world we live in, which is one of the reasons why I believe understanding the mind-body connection and the role energetics plays in our lives is so important.


In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast we’re exploring the stress and overwhelm that so many women struggle with, the mind-body connection and the lesser known ingredients for dealing with stress and overwhelm and navigating away from burnout.




In this Episode We Explore:

  • The lesser known ingredient needed to address stress and overwhelm
  • Links between stress, overwhelm and burnout in high-achieving women
  • What is energetics?
  • How to build a stronger mind-body connection


Resources Mentioned:


Non-Linear Movement Class

On August 29th I’m offering the first of my Non-Linear Movement Method classes.


Non-Linear Movement is a modality designed to connect you with your own internal landscape of emotions and feelings, which can support you to begin to smooth and soothe your nervous system.


This practice builds a stronger connection between your mind and body through bringing you out of your mind and into your body so you can meet your feelings (no matter what they are) and move through them.


Non-Linear Movement can be practiced by anyone, and I am offering this class online so anyone can join.

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