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What to do when you’re being called to a complete life and career reboot

June 8, 2021

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A couple of weeks ago we had the full moon, total eclipse…(which is when this blog post was scheduled to go out, but technology had different plans!)


Eclipses are a time of potent activation. 


As Astrologer, Chani Nicholas says…. It’s time to contend with our personal dragons, face a shadow or two, make quantum leaps and quick switches, experience personal power surges, and make minor adjustments that lead to major epiphanies.” 


Whilst I’m not a trained astrologer….I do follow the moon to set intentions and release the patterns within me that are up for review. 


There’s something very powerful about unplugging from our made up monthly calendar system to resyncing with mother nature herself….


The past couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling the energy of a reboot. 


Have you?


If so, then perhaps there’s something bigger at play cosmically to support you in this. 


A life and career reboot can be daunting…


A reboot is a call into chaos, the unknown and the “new”….which our rational minds will go to extremes to avoid.


If we’re not careful….we can stay in that tussle between heart (desiring a reboot) and head (that prefers the safety of what is known).


Some of us stay in this for days, others months, others years….


And the inertia of the status quo can slowly grate on you.


Rather than stay in the tussle, come and learn how to navigate where you’re at.


Let’s dive into:


What to do when you’re being called for a complete life and career reboot

Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind….



#1: Breathe and remember your feet on the ground


When you’re being called to a reboot, it can be so easy to get swept up into the head….


Analysing all the options, playing the scenarios out if one thing happens…or if another variable does…


Before you get swept up into the panic of a reboot, take 3 deep breaths and bring your awareness to your feet. 



#2: Practice discernment 


When making choices about a reboot, it’s really all a lesson in discernment.


Are you taking action to:


    • Avoid something?
    • Empower yourself?


Ultimately you will know deep down in your body and your heart if what you’re being called to reboot is something that allows you:


    1. NOT to face something OR 
    2. Is actually something that is aligned to you. 


A sure sign?


Noticing how you feel when you do/say/signup to the thing….


Oftentimes, when it comes to doing what’s right and true for us…can bring up uncomfortable and “hard” things..


For example:


    • If you know you need to reset / end a relationship —> that’s going to require a tough and honest conversation (not easy)
    • If you know you’re in the wrong career → that’s going to require a serious reevaluation of who you are and what vocation you want to pursue (not easy)
    • If you know you have to stop being so damn accommodating → that’s going to require letting someone down….

The actions required to stand up for what’s right for us can be hard. But it is oh so worth it. 


#3: Remember there are no mistakes only lessons


Ahh this can be so annoying to hear I know.


The truth is we can’t think our way into clarity…we have to take action.


We’re not going to get everything right 100% of the time. And that’s the point.


I’ve learned this the most with my kids….I can try and support them to make the right choices but they’re going to have to make a “wrong choice”, not listen, mess up to feel the discomfort themselves in order to know….


A wrong turn? That’s feedback.


Stuffed up a conversation? That’s feedback.


Made the wrong choice? That’s feedback.


There is always a lesson to be learned and if you frame it in this way, you can’t go wrong. 


If you’re being called to a reboot, it can bring up all the feels and I feel you…

I’m curious before you go.

I’d love to hear:


    • Where are you being called to reboot?
    • What’s standing in your way?

Leave a comment and let me know. 


With love,




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