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How to navigate the seasons of change in your life and career

June 23, 2021

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Happy (Winter/Summer) Solstice wherever you are in the world. 


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling ALL the feels these past few weeks. 


It feels like all the little things I’ve not been paying attention to are suddenly saying “HELLO! LOOK AT ME!” and I can’t ignore them anymore.

Do you relate? 


It’s the Summer Solstice here in Hong Kong and I’ve spent some time retreating and reflecting on the past 6 months…. 


All the projects and plans I had in store for the year are suddenly not a priority anymore. New priorities are emerging, things are shifting.


Side note: A heartfelt shout out to Jenna Ward and The Future Is Embodied Conference and The Wisdom of Trauma Conference for inspiring deeper thought and introspection. And helping me tap into something deeper in my work and calling. 

My heart and body are feeling into a focus (more on that still to come) but my head has been adamant on “sticking to the plan.”


Have you ever felt like your head and heart are at odds with one another?


In the past I would have stayed in a headlock between my head and heart but over time I’ve learned to steep into greater allowing, surrendering and stewing in the unknown – letting my body lead.


I’m not going to lie, it’s uncomfortable as heck because I love clarity and want a plan…but I’ve learned that forcing is never the answer.


Let’s dive into this week’s blog post:

How to navigate the seasons of change in your life and career

Firstly, I want you to know that I get how frustrating the muck of not knowing is.


When you have plans and ideas of what you want and suddenly you just don’t feel it anymore it can be disheartening and challenging.



Truth #1: You have the right to change your mind


As an evolving person….who you are today, isn’t the same as who you were yesterday. And so naturally the ideas and plans you had for yourself before aren’t always going to hold years, months or in some cases weeks later. 


Which then begs the question….


”How do you move forward and forge ahead with a goal, desire or intention, when you may change your mind in future?” 


The thing to know is that there is no ONE right path to move forward….we get clarity and feedback when we take action. 


Needing this action to be perfect or “right” is what trips us up. 


What if instead of seeing pivots, changes or adaptations to our path as “bad” or “wrong”, we say them simply as experiences and feedback…something to incorporate into the journey ahead?


I know for me when I see my situation from this perspective I know my shoulders relax and I can surrender into greater ease in my body.



Truth #2: Like nature there are seasons in life


Spring: A time for planting seeds and new ideas


Summer: A time for growth, fun and sun


Autumn: A time to harvest the rewards of the seeds we’ve sown


Winter: A time to rest, restore and rejuvenate and get energy for the next cycle


To be clear, when I say there are seasons, I’m talking about this metaphorically. 

Your ideas won’t always come in Spring, or New Years Day, the New Moon, your birthday or some other “perfect day” in the calendar. 


When it’s time, it’s time! 


So take action, plant a seed and see where it takes you!



Truth #3: Not everything will work the first time around


Some ideas will take root then shoot and blossom, others won’t. 


If things don’t, it’s not something to take personally, it’s simply feedback and something to adapt and change.


If something does bloom and it doesn’t feel right…then it’s also OK to trust in the creative life force energy around you and know that you can grow something else if you desire.


Truth #4: You can’t force yourself to feel anything different to what you feel


We live in a culture that is so deeply entrenched in what is “successful” and what is progress. 


As I continue on my soul-aligned journey I’m realising that those old rules don’t apply and that I’m always steered on the right track when I honour my heart and what I truly feel.


You will know if something feels right or wrong…and if you don’t…then there’s a lesson and healing to help you figure out your “yes” and your “no.”


This IS part of the journey.


If you’re navigating the seasons of change in your life and career, here’s what you need to know. 


1: You have the right to change your mind

2: Like nature, there are seasons in life

3: Not everything will work the first time around

4: You can’t force yourself to feel anything different to what you feel


With these 4 truths, the questions to ponder are:


  • What do you fear about changing your mind? What are you making this mean?
  • What season in life are you in? Are you trying to force something that just isn’t ready yet?
  • Are you putting undue pressure on yourself to be successful?
  • What do you really feel? How can you honour that feeling?


When you ponder these truths and these questions, that’s when the clarity of the “how” can begin to emerge.

And so I’m curious to hear from you before you go…


  • What are you taking away from today’s blog?
  • What season are you in, in your life and career right now?


Feel free to share with me in the comments below! 


Wishing you a beautiful week! Until next time, remember, there’s no one in the world who can do what you do, the way you do it! 





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