5 Signs It’s Time For a Reinvention (+ Why I’m Revamping the Podcast)

November 13, 2022

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I am so excited to be coming to you with a refresh, revamp, and reinvention.


Reinvention is really the theme of today’s podcast.


In this episode we’re going to be diving into the 5 signs that it’s your time for a reinvention, and a little backstory on why I decided to revamp the podcast. (Side Note: A huge thanks to those of you who shared your challenges/desired support whilst what navigating your career journey).


Going forward, I want to talk about topics that will support you to answer these core questions:

+ Who is the REAL me and how can I show up as her/him/them?

+ How can I make the biggest impact on others (my team, my clients, my family etc) without sacrificing myself?

+ How can I translate the deeper reason I’m here in this season of my life and work into meaningful goals that I can take action on?


At the heart of it: I’m here to take a stand for you showing up as the untamed, powerful individual and leader that you are and approaching your life and work not just as your “high achiever” self but your “aligned achiever” self….(more on this to come on future podcast episodes).

With that…..I’m thrilled to be introducing…..


The Aligned Achiever podcast.




In this Episode We Explore:


  • How I knew it was time for a reinvention for me (+ the podcast)
  • The 5 signs that it’s time for a reinvention
  • The cost associated with staying the same


Resources Mentioned:

Sara Blakely Instagram Post



Want to map your personal reinvention roadmap?


I’ve got a little something coming up for you next week…..


Your 2023 Reinvention


Reimagine, redesign and re-align…your life, career and well-being.


Join me for an hour to take stock of where you are in your life journey + and career path and redesign your 2023 towards more meaning and less burnout.


Date Tuesday 22nd November at:

7pm Hong Kong Time

10pm Sydney

11am London




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