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If you’re listening to this in November 2022 or months after, it is my intention to help you get clear on how you can map out the right goals for you.

We live in a culture that is hell bent on productivity and sometimes when you stay on that track without stopping to question if you’re working hard towards the right goals, you can wake up wondering “Where did I go wrong?”, “Am I on the right path?”.

In this episode we’re answering the question: How do you get on the right track and get clear on your career trajectory in 2023?

On The Right Track: How To Get Clear On Your Career Trajectory For 2023 and Create Meaningful Momentum Without Burnout

Intuitive Clarity

It most definitely feels like change is in the air.

But how do you know if you should make a change, or if the grass is greener and actually, you’re better off staying put?

In today’s episode we’re exploring how to pivot and leap in your career without burning your hard work down to the ground

How to Pivot and Leap in your Career Without Burning your Hard Work Down to the Ground

Intuitive Clarity

I recently went down the internet rabbit hole.

For me that involves topics on career, women in leadership, business, money etc) and I stumbled on an article by HBR on Whether An MBA is Really Worth It?

It got me thinking about the number of conversations I’ve had over the years with professional women debating whether to take an MBA to advance their careers.

Usually they speak to me to weigh up the pro’s and con’s…

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need an MBA For a Career Pivot

Intuitive Clarity

When people support me to get unstuck in life, career and business..

I ask them to share how long they’ve been feeling stuck.

For some people its weeks. For others it’s months. Far more often than you think, people have been feeling stuck for YEARS.

Today we’re talking about the hidden costs of procrastinating on your next career move or change and the importance of making a decision so that you don’t stay stuck in the trap of the status quo.

If you need a little inspiration or motivation to address your work and how it’s just not working for you, this one’s for you.

The Hidden Costs of Procrastinating On Your Next Career Move

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