High Achievement vs. Aligned Achievement: What’s The Difference?

November 27, 2022

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We all know that achieving for “achieving sake” isn’t fulfilling. It can keep us on the hamster-wheel of DOING and keep us feeling like our achievements are NEVER ENOUGH. 


Cue: the desire for more meaning and purpose….


When we talk about meaning and purpose though, it can feel really fluffy and a bit ethereal.


But there are things that we can do to work more purpose into our projects and to say yes to initiatives that make us feel purposeful


Which begs the question….


What’s the difference between High Achievement versus Aligned Achievement?.


Well, that’s what we’re uncovering over on the podcast today….

In this episode I share the difference between these two types of achievement and why I want to support you in coming over to the aligned achiever camp, to bring more balance, fun and lightness to what you’re doing.





In this Episode We Explore:

  • Why you should care if you are a “High Achiever”
  • The difference between being a “High Achiever” versus an “Aligned Achiever”
  • How you become a “High Achiever “and why I’m calling you into the “Aligned Achiever” Camp


Resources Mentioned:


If you need support to identify your personal High Achiever traits and how you can transform them into tangible goals for 2023…


I’m offering a limited number of Realignment Sessions aka 2023 aligned action planning session that will allow you to:


  • Map your most aligned goals for 2023 (1 professional and 1 personal)
  • Unlock the core challenge you’re personally facing in reinventing your 2023 towards more meaning and less burnout
  • Get you laser focused on how to break down that goal into tangible next steps


Our 15-30 minutes together will help you figure out where to get started so that you can get back on track doing the work you love without sacrificing your sanity, soul or steady pay cheque.



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