How to Know When Being Grateful Is Keeping You Stuck and Unhappy In Life and Work

November 19, 2023

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The personal development space is rife with slogans about the power of gratitude. 


And it’s true, gratitude IS important in a world that has us seeking more and better “things” in life. 


The next promotion, a bigger house, a newer car, the latest iPhone.


The desire for more can keep us in a state of lack and always wanting. The desire for more can make us feel like what we already have isn’t enough.


And whilst this is true, there is also a shadow side to gratitude… 


The shadow side is that we can begin to push down some of what we truly want  in order to be grateful for what we have now, leading to resentment, annoyance, or frustration in your life.


In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast I’m discussing the difference between wanting more for personal growth and wanting more for ego-driven reasons and the 3 signs to know if gratitude is holding you back in your life or work.




In this Episode We Explore:

  • The shadow side of gratitude and suppressed desires
  • The nuances to wanting more in your life
  • How you can identify if being grateful is holding you back or keeping you stuck


The Future is Embodied Conference:

Do you desire to inhabit your body more fully AND use your inherent power and pleasure as a force for collective change? 


This November I’m speaking at The Future Is Embodied, a free, 2-week virtual conference exploring feminine embodiment & how our bodies hold the past yet shape the future. 


The Conference is being held by Feminine Embodiment Coach Jenna Ward who’s passionate about examining the roots of modern women’s dis-embodied & re-configuring our bodies to fuel a fresh trajectory for the planet & people.


I’ll be on the panel speaking about the Epidemic of Disembodiment.


During the conference, you can also hear from experts on topics such as… 

  • Embodied Activism
  • Is Embodiment A Feminist Practice?
  • Feminist Business: Marketing Practices That Shift Culture
  • A Woman’s Right To Pleasure: Ancient Erotic Text & Sensuality 
  • Trauma & The Embodied Arts 
  • Embodiment as Justice 
  • ADHD & The Womb
  • Embodied Business 

& so much more!


You can grab your free pass below.


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