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Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, Try This Instead.

January 5, 2021

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Happy New Year! 


How was your “holiday” season? Did you take some time off?


With everyone in different phases of restrictions I hope that you got some well deserved rest and downtime.


Being in Hong Kong, my family and I mainly stayed at home


We enjoyed trying out lots of new recipes from Ottolenghi’s cookbooks Simple and Flavour (which are both divine!) We also got into the mountains as often as possible, savouring the cooler and drier weather we get at this time of year.

SiobhanBarnes2021 SiobhanBanres-careercoach


Being away from technology and simply being together in our little family unit meant that we all got a proper break from everyday routines and got to unplug from the usual schedule and planning…..


With my batteries fully recharged, I feel more ready to face whatever 2021 has in store….including heading back to zoom classes and home learning for my 3 kids. 


2021 is a different year to 2020, and I believe that New Year’s Resolutions are a thing of the past. 


Just 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolutions so it’s really time to let go of the old, and embrace the new. 


More than ever we need a way to get clear on what’s important for us but also have the ability to be flexible and nimble to make goals happen whilst riding the wave of the uncertainty that we’re currently living in. 


Let’s dive in….

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Instead of New Year’s Resolutions in 2021, do these 2 things instead.  



Normally we have great intentions of what we want to achieve in the new year. By the time you’re reading this we’re already a few days into the New Year and you might have already fallen off the wagon with your goals or resolutions.


The truth is: you don’t have to blame yourself here. 


Our minds are hard wired to do things that are familiar. 


It’s quite hard to form new habits when you haven’t done them before or you haven’t got the right motivations behind it. So here are two things that I suggest instead. 



Thing #1: Set a broad brush word or intention for what this year is about for you


I’ve had a number of guiding words/intentions in previous years. It’s worked really well to keep me on track when opportunities arise, when there’s certain challenges that come up and I can tap back into that intention to set myself up back on track. 


When you have a guiding intention it can serve as a beautiful anchor to support you with all the decisions you’re going to be called to make.


All of those choice points that you’ve got to make as you navigate your next quarter, half year or the new year ahead. 


So I’m a big believer in setting a guiding word or an intention for the future period that you’re forecasting. 


To give you an example of what words to set, here’s a rundown of my intentions/guiding words over the past few years and why I chose them:


In 2014 my word was MEANINGFUL CONNECTION. This was the first year that I set a guiding word and at the time I was desiring to feel connected. I was still a newbie coach and desiring to meet colleagues and peers to geek out on coaching stuff and also longing for a deeper connection with myself. 


In 2015 my word was ALIGNMENT. I’d created a business that I enjoyed but it had become another job. I was working long hours and wasn’t quite doing my soul work and knew that an adjustment was needed but wasn’t sure what that was. 


In 2016 my word was SURRENDER. I had my 3rd child and I was ready to let things be as they are. As a former control freak it was quite a difficult one and yielded amazing awakenings and openings for me. 


In 2017 my word was SELF TRUST + MASTERY. This was the year I honoured my desire to learn more about the topics I was being guided to explore including Rapid Transformational Therapy, the Akashic Records and Feminine Embodiment Coaching 


In 2018 my word was EMBODIMENT. This was the year of somatically stepping into the wisdom of all the knowledge and theory that I’d been learning and really just owning that, knowing exactly where to go because I trusted my body and heart. 


In 2019 my word was FEMININE LEADERSHIP. This was the year to step into my dance between feminine energy (creativity, receptivity, magnetism etc.) and masculine energy (planning, strategising, executing and delivering). I delved into this topic in a Feminine Leadership mastermind which was fabulous! 


In 2020 my word was (SOFT) DEVOTION. I wanted to devote to my business, my soul work and honour the expression and work that was coming through in spite of all the other things going on in my life most importantly motherhood and the homeschooling that I didn’t anticipate having to do at the start of the year when I set the intention. 


In 2021 my word is SOVEREIGNTY. Finding a way to honour my desires, needs and ideas in the demands of a world that we’re living in…..I’m not sure what’s in store but this just feels like the right word for me, right now. 


For you….think about what your guiding word or intention is going to be for this year?


Side note: there is no perfect word, just a word that feels right to you so don’t overthink it! My words are just an example and by no means “right”. Have fun with playing with different words and how they feel to you.


Feel free to leave a comment with what you’re playing with, I’d love to know!



Thing #2: Work with your mind to create the goals that are really going to matter to you


The way that you can begin to work with your mind on the tangible goals and outcomes you’re looking to achieve in 2021, is to connect to the reason WHY you’re desiring this goal or outcome. 


Let’s say you are desiring to find more passion, joy, and fulfillment in your career in 2021.


You may have a desire to find a new job or change industries or just make a change….

But the actual idea of figuring this out is really hard or unclear….Maybe you say to yourself:


This is too hard

It’s too late for me to change up my career

I should just stick to what I know, at least I get paid well… 

SiobhanBarnes2021-career coach

If you do have this mental chatter then your mind is associating PAIN with changing careers. 


A simple way to flip the switch is anchor back into your WHY. 


Why are you looking to step into a more fulfilling and enjoyable career? 


Take a moment to think about the pleasure associated with that goal. 


For example…


When I find a career that’s right for me:

I’ll be spending my time on things that matter and that will feel so good

I’ll feel like I’m making a difference which will be amazing

I’ll be connecting to the kind of people I love to work with



Dialogue with your mind with something believable. Something that is true. 


The truth is it’s not easy to figure out Your Soul Aligned Career. 


It requires introspection, reflection and testing….but your soul loves it when you say yes and honour the reason why you are here! 


So work with your mind. 


This is something that I specialise in with my intimate group program Your Soul Aligned Career. 


We kick off next week and if you’d still like to apply for a spot, you can do so OVER HERE. You can read more about the program details over at:

Your Soul Aligned Career



If you have any questions on how to work with your mind, I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below:


What is it that you want to know about working with your mind to actually achieve your goals?


Also, leave a comment and let me know what your guiding word/intention is and what you’re playing with. I’d love to know! 


Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!


With love,




P.S. The next round of Your Soul Aligned Career kicks off next week. If you’re looking to figure out what Your Soul Aligned Career is in 2021, you can apply OVER HERE or read more about the program over at:

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