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Interview with Sheryl Bolden: Navigating A Sustainable Career In the Fashion Industry

February 27, 2022

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Gone are the days where it’s expected and normal for you to work at the same company for your entire career.


These days it’s very normal to make a pivot and make changes in your work, relationships and where you live.


Which begs the question…


How do you navigate pivots and decisions in your career?


In today’s episode, I’m interviewing first time author, Sheryl Bolden. Author of the book Sustainably Stylish: A Guide to Curating a Guilt Free Wardrobe.


In the episode we explore how Sheryl has navigated her 20 year career in the fashion industry. As well as why she decided to write her very own book in sustainable fashion.


If you’re curious about how to navigate decisions in your own career and also interested in being more sustainably stylish and mindful with what you wear, this episode is for you.  





In this Episode We Explore


  • What inspired Sheryl to write her book.
  • The challenges she faced embarking on this creative project. 
  • How Sheryl navigates decisions: from working at different well known brands, moving to Hong Kong, motherhood, and pursuing her education in CSR, and writing her book.
  • How motherhood has played a part in shaping her career goals and life priorities.
  • The key message about Sustainable Fashion that Sheryl wants you to know.


Connect with Sheryl:



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