We all know that our time here on Earth is finite, yet we can so easily get caught up in the daily drama of what needs to be done, what’s not working, and the negativity in the world. 


Whilst practically we can’t live each day like it’s our last, I do believe that we can be conscious and check in with ourselves and ask…


“Is this how I want to be spending my time?”

“Is this how I want to show up?”

“What’s really important here?”


If you find yourself going through the motions in your life and career or business, then I invite you to dig a little deeper and look at whether it’s time to shake things up. 



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Let’s dive into the missing link to fulfillment and success.



Do you ever feel disconnected from your goals? Or

Maybe you’re making progress towards your goals but it’s not meaningful? Or

Perhaps you’re just not sure which path to take…..


This week I really want to talk about why you’re doing everything you’re doing. 


Why are you going for that promotion?

Why are you looking to get a certain pay grade?

Why are you looking to make a change in your career?

Why do you want to [fill in the blank]?


When it comes to our careers and businesses we have goals. We strive for something. 


Many of us don’t dive under the hood to see why our goals are important and why we do them in the first place. 



If you don’t ask yourself why that’s when you can find yourself on that hamster wheel of doing, doing, doing but not feeling necessarily very fulfilled by what it is that you’re creating or achieving. 


I really want to talk about that this week because when you start with the question “why?” that’s when you can reconnect back to that passion. 


So many people talk about finding your passion. 


And yes you want to find out what you’re passionate about. But before you do that you’ve got to start with why. 


What’s your goal going to bring you? What will it help you be, do, have?


I believe there are two sides to the why equation. 


There’s a why side for you personally: why you want to do something. 


There’s also a why side for others: how are other people going to benefit from what it is that you do. 


Let’s say for example that you’re looking to write a book. You want to be an author. 


For you, your own why might be that you want to express yourself, you want to give yourself a challenge, you want to write about a topic you find fascinating. 


On the other side of the equation, you think that other people might need that story, they might heal, transform, learn something — get some sort of benefit from reading your book. 


If both feel bang on for you then you’re on path and on purpose. 


Start thinking about the two sides of the equation: Your own selfish why and you’re contributing why to other people.

When you connect back into that place that’s when you start to realign back into place. 


You start to connect to that bigger vision, bigger mission, bigger purpose that is behind what it is that you’re doing. 


And that’s when you’re then able to create from that space of true connection and alignment. 

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And people feel it. 


I know this sounds a bit woo-woo but think about it. 


If you are just going after a goal because you think it’s what you should be doing e.g. going after a job title…and you get it and you don’t feel fulfilled. The reason why is that you haven’t thought about why you really want it. 


Perhaps on an individual level you might want a promotion for a sense of pride, you might want to prove something (to yourself or others), you might want to be more of a leader and impact others….


But if you’re not connected to those reasons and you haven’t asked yourself the question, that’s when the lack of fulfillment happens, that’s when you’re not sure which direction you’re going in, that’s when you don’t feel connected to your work. 


Ultimately, the reason why I do what I do is because I want you guys to feel connected to the work that you do. 


Whether you’re in a corporate job or whether you’re starting a business, or are a business, you’ve got to align back to who you are and what gifts you’re here to bring because I believe that your work is a vehicle to express our purpose. 


Our purpose can be manifest in many ways. 


Being a mother. Being part of a community. Doing all I do is part of my purpose. 


AND I believe that my career and business is a big part of me and what I’m here to do.


I invite you to think about what your why is. 


What’s your selfish why? Why do you want to go after that goal of yours? What is it going to do for you on a personal level?


What’s your contributing why? Why do you want to help other people? How are your goals going to help others?


See how your answer sits with you. 


If you feel excited and passionate again and you think “yes I’m on the right path” then awesome! Good job! 


If you don’t feel then you’ve done a fantastic job. You’ve got some awareness and you can start to look at the gaps. 


With the awareness you can start to say “OK what is closer to what matters to me?” 


From there you will get more aligned and more on target with your path and purpose and actually set the right goals that truly matter to you. 

Siobhan Barnes101

If you don’t find the goals very exciting. Set some new ones. It really is that simple. 


I’d love to hear from you. 


Leave a comment and let me know:


What is your selfish why?

What is your “why” for others?

How did you find the exercise?


Wishing you all a beautiful week. 






P.S. Simon Sinek has a great TED talk on this topic and I invite you to check it out HERE. He presents in a business context but it equally applies to you and your own career. 

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