The 6 Achievement Styles Debunked

February 19, 2023

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Your Achievement Style drives your decision making, fuels your career life and helps you live your most inspired and aligned life.


We often think that knowing what’s right for us should be simple, but along the journey of life, we get taught that what we think or feel is “wrong” or bad and so our wires get crossed and we start to doubt ourselves and stop listening to our intuition.


In today’s episode of the podcast I’m diving into each of the 6 Achievement Styles in greater depth so you can use your achievement style as a tool to support you where you are in your life right now to understand what it is that motivates you and to make aligned decisions.





In this Episode We Explore:


  • What the 6 Achievement Styles are
  • The strengths and shadows to each of the Achievement Styles
  • Tips to supporting yourself depending on your Achievement Style
  • An opportunity to take your achievement style further to build out your dream career (more details below)


If you want to discover your Achievement Style so you can start to navigate and build your career based around joy and flow you can start with the Achievement Style Assessment that I created.


This assessment is based on human needs psychology, which is ultimately the driving force that shapes our emotions, actions, quality of life and ultimately the outcome of the choices that we make.




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