The Crucial But Overlooked Reason Why So Many Smart Women Burnout

September 10, 2023

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Ep 78. The Crucial But Overlooked Reason Why So Many Smart Women Burnout


Women are 32% more likely to experience burnout than men (according to Future Forum’s August survey).


Female senior leaders are 60% more likely to provide emotional support to their teams, more likely to ensure the team’s workload is manageable and help their team navigate work life challenges (McKinsey and’s annual Women in the Workplace 2021 report.)


Women who are climbing the corporate ladder, who are ambitious and driven, often end up considering downshifting their careers because they end up feeling like the odds are stacked against them.


For a lot of women, likeability and success go hand in hand, which can translate to not wanting to disappoint their team or managers and saying “yes” even when their plate is already overflowing.


Holding boundaries is often perceived as being difficult or hard to deal with, and underneath that I often see one of 4 things contributing to this difficulty in holding boundaries. 

In this episode of The Aligned Achiever podcast we take a look at these 4 things in greater depth.  





In this Episode We Explore:

  • The reasons why women in particular burnout from work
  • Why you may be finding it hard to be your true self at work
  • The problem with being attached to results
  • The importance of boundaries and why it can be so hard to hold yours


Resources Mentioned:


Masterclass: The 3 Secrets to Beat Burnout

Manage your stress, reclaim your time and feel energised to achieve the goals that actually matter to YOU.


On Tuesday September 12th I’m bringing you a one hour masterclass to help you get clear on identifying the phase of burnout you’re in and your next best step to take as well as the 3 secrets to beat burnout (that don’t involve bubble baths, crystals or a massage) and how you can build emotional resilience even when you feel like you’re hanging on by a thread.


You’ll walk away from our time together knowing where you can make progress now to beat the cycle of constant stress and busyness and start getting closer to your goals.


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