Why We Need To Talk About Women, Work and Money

July 31, 2022

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A constant conversation that comes up time and time again in my work is the topic of money. 


In my 9 years of coaching I’ve heard women say to me things like:


  • I want to switch careers but I don’t want to walk away from my stable paycheque
  • I want to take a break and focus on being home with my young kids but I’m not sure if it’s smart to miss out on my career and earning potential this far into my career
  • I just found out my colleague who’s way less qualified and experienced than me is earning more than me. I’m angry but I’m also scared to ask for more.
  • I know I’m charging too little for my work but I’m worried about raising my rates and “losing” clients….


For too long women have been on the back foot when it comes to money, earning and creating “successful” businesses and careers. 


In today’s podcast we dive into the topic of women, work and money and why it’s imperative that we focus on our own relationships to money to bring back our choices, freedom and power our visions for a new world we want to create. 



In this Episode We Explore:


  • Why Money Is A Key Area of Focus When Mapping Your Career or Business 
  • The 3 Core Money Beliefs That Stop Smart Women Claiming their Power and Owning Their Leadership at Work 
  • The 4 Stages to Changing Your Relationship to Money and How To Get Started





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