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Why Your Purpose Isn’t Your Career

April 27, 2021

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Years ago, I thought that figuring out my purpose was all about finding the “one” career path that I was destined to pursue.


You know?


The “one” that would tick all the boxes….


….Where I’d be in my zone of genius 100% of the time.


….Working with dreamy clients and colleagues where we’d be in total sync and harmony.


….Doing work that felt meaningful and purposeful — genuinely benefiting others.


….The ability to have flexibility for my future family plans.


…..And let’s not forget earning great money too.

This belief led me down the incessant (and borderline obsessive) rabbit hole of trying to find “the one”….so that I could confidently quit the job I didn’t love (but that looked great on paper).


I soooo wanted a plan to transition gracefully into the career I was MEANT to pursue aka the “right” choice.


Before blogs and podcasts were really a thing (yep I was pondering this question of “what’s my purpose?”) for a really long time…..


I took the tests (Myers Briggs, StrengthsFinder, the Fascinate Test)….


I read the books (What Colour Is My Parachute?, The Desire Map, The Art of Non Conformity)...


Only to feel more confused and befuddled with all the conflicting advice.


In a nutshell: I was looking outside of myself to find the answers. 


The uncomfortable honest truth: I was looking for some “thing” to complete me. 


….The dream job. 


….The perfect business idea. 


….Some new identity to replace my existing commercial real estate persona.


Some “thing” to prove that I was of value and worthy.


Did you ever notice how we humans look outside of ourselves for answers not just in our careers, but in other areas of our life too?


We search for the partner to make us feel complete. 


We search for the diet that will keep us at a size that society deems as “acceptable.”


We seek validation and confirmation from others that we’re on the right track and making “good” choices.


On the one hand…


There’s nothing wrong with being ready to find a partner, figure out how to best nourish our bodies and to want to hear “good job!” every now and then. 


I wholeheartedly believe in getting clear on what you value and claiming it. Plus being able to receive a compliment or two 🙂 


BUT what if you’re seeking these things from a place of filling a void  — something you feel that you’ve GOT to do in order to be worthy, loved and whole?


Instead of making a choice to claim the decisions that honours YOU and what you value first and foremost?

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If you’re seeking externally for the “one” or the “thing”….you’ll always feel empty and less than. Wondering if there’s something “better” around the corner. Or something else you “should” be doing instead. 


If you’re seeking internally…you’ll attune to intuition, the ideas will start to flow and you’ll naturally begin to see the breadcrumbs of the path in front of you. 


So what the heck does “seeking internally” mean?


It looks like….


….Feeling ready to call in a partner because you know that you’re worthy, loveable and deserving just as you are.


….Feeling done with needing to “diet” and instead choosing to find a new way to eat that is healthy AND enjoyable.


….Gracefully receiving feedback when it comes your way….but giving yourself the positive enforcement that you’re doing great and on the right track anyway.


And bringing it back to your sense of purpose. It looks like…


Remembering that YOU are the purpose of your life. 


Which is why your purpose isn’t just your career.


You’re here to share your gifts and energy in the world (in whatever way you freaking choose) and in any given moment whether you’re at work or with your partner and kids or at the supermarket…


Oh and let’s not forget that we’re also here to enjoy life’s pleasure’s along the way. 


No one (myself included) can tell you what you “should” do. 


Your body knows the truth. 


Most of us just don’t have the tools to remember this. Plus we can’t see our “stuff” because we’re so entrenched in our old habits and ways (aka habitual mental loops that have us cycling through the same old thought patterns)….


Many of us spend our time trying to figure out “HOW” to live our purpose — by asking questions like:


Should I switch companies, switch industries, retrain, start a business? Or something else entirely?


The honest truth: You won’t find the HOW reading a book or a blog or searching for the “one” nor asking advice from someone else. 


You will find the HOW when you stop asking HOW. And instead focus on simply coming back to you the REAL you. Who lives inside your body. 

Siobhan Barnes (2)

This means:


…Rediscovering who you REALLY are before the world told you who you “should” be.


….Embodying your natural gifts that come easily and effortlessly to you — not because you’ve been trained to focus on them but because these talents/how you are at your best make you feel alive and on-purpose


….Remembering that who you are is inherently “enough”. 1000%. Always. No matter what title society puts on you and deems as important…you are inherently worthy and of value just as you are.


When you drop into all of the above….you give yourself permission to be yourself and to tap back into the divine intelligence within you that knows how to grow your body from embryo to fully grown human. Seriously.


The “HOW” to figuring out your purpose isn’t about seeking external solutions…


The HOW is about clearing the shit that’s covering up your natural brilliance and coming up with your next steps from this space. 


That’s it.


If this week’s message sparked an AHA for you. I’ve love to know, please hit reply! 


And if you’re desiring to explore this for yourself….stay tuned….


I’m running an intimate group experience for womxn who are ready to drop back into the divine intelligence within their bodies so that they can translate their talents and gifts into a tangible soul aligned career path and craft a crystal clear action plan to make it happen….without having to quit their jobs too soon, putting their financial futures at risk.


Sound like your jam? Send me an email at hello@siobhanbarnes.com with the headline “I’m interested in the Finding My Soul Aligned Career” and I’ll send over all the details! 


With love,



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