Menopause + Work: Why This Matters Even If You’re in Your 30’s

March 19, 2023

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When you’re busy…the topic of menopause might seem like something to put into the “I’ll get to it later basket.”


Especially if you’re in your 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s. 


The truth is menopause is an evitable part of every woman’s journey and it WILL have an impact on your life and career. And usually when you are at the top of your game career wise. So it’s wise to think about now. 


There is very little information out there for women in their 30’s and 40’s about menopause and yet this is the period of our lives when we can first begin to experience symptoms and also proactively do something to support ourselves in that inevitable transition that will come.


I don’t know anyone better to talk about this topic with than Dr. Laurena Law, a general practice doctor with training in Nutritional Medicine, Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine. Laurena has a keen passion for lifestyle, integrative medicine and health longevity.


In today’s episode of the podcast with Dr. Laurena Law we’re exploring how menopause can impact your work and career and why it’s so important to think about it even when you’re in your 30’s.






In this Episode We Explore:

  • The importance of talking about menopause especially for younger women
  • Dr. Laurena Law’s definition of optimal health and how we might go about achieving optimal health
  • How menopause can set women up for longer term health results
  • What key areas women can be focusing on in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s for optimal health and navigating menopause
  • When you should seek support for menopause symptoms

Resources Mentioned:



Connect with Dr. Laurena Law:



Upcoming Masterclass


Me First: The Busy Woman’s Roadmap to Career Success without Sacrifice


If you’re a woman who tends to put others first, forgets to eat your lunch because you’re rushing a deadline, skip your gym workout on the regular and feel like there’s never enough time in the day, this masterclass is for you. 



During the masterclass we’ll explore how you can:


  • Perform at work without continually over-extending yourself
  • Feel valued and important at work without having to be an over-giver, overly “nice” or be a people-pleaser
  • Make and communicate decisions that are right and true for you even if they’re hard 
  • Genuinely stop putting yourself last on the to-do list and actually show up to that yoga class, dinner date with your friends or make your kids bedtime 
  • Avoid the 3 core traps women face when advancing their careers from middle to senior management


We go live on Tuesday 4th April 2023 at 7pm Hong Kong Time. That’s:


  • 7am New York 

  • 12pm London
  • 9pm Melbourne/Sydney 


You can register your free seat below:

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